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Barn Jacking

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Such a fond memory of first jacking off in an open barn.


This is story when I was in young teens and I had been masturbating for about two years. I was out with my pellet gun and was walking down some alleys in a very small town I grew up in. As so many of the houses in this area they were no longer utilizing their barns that was from years past and was not being utilized for other then storing junk. I noticed a set of barns that look like I could find some rodents to shoot at and went through the fence and then I went in the nearest barn and where I found was an old mattress on the ground and a large number of girl magazines. The magazines got my first attention and as I was looking at the naked girls I noticed that the mattress had a great number of stains in the middle and I know what they were from. The first time I learned to jack off was rubbing my erection against my mattress sheets until I cum and after the embarrassing moment when we did laundry I had a bed sheet full of cum stains just as this old mattress did. So I know the young boy that lived on this place was doing as I do but at that time had started using a dish towel for a cum rag and hid it under my mattress. I no longer masturbate face down but still to this day use cum rag. But between knowing what this all was for and the necked photos of girls I got a hard on and did not care if I was going to be found by any one I pulled my hard dick out after undoing my pants and slipping down to my knees and then knelt down and started jacking off with my other hand turning the pages in the magazine. I can still fill the cool are breeze blowing up my ass cheeks and how good it felt as it passed my cheeks and ball shack. I was so into the moment that anyone could have found me and was watching but I would have not of known. I went at my hard cut dick up and down and as my dick head swelled as it does as I get so close it felt so engorged and that it would not let any cum pass but as I felt the so familiar fillings pass I arched my back and my ass lifted from the back of my legs and I shot load after load of hot cum and can still remember hearing the cum as it hit the leaves on the ground next to the mattress I was next to. As my breathing subsided and my hard dick still in my hand I felt like I could go again being my dick was so engorged but was concerned now with being found. I stood up pulled my pants up I remember not even pulling my under ware up just letting it stay below my ass as I closed my pants and zipped up my fly. I picked up my gun and headed back home where I was more than glad to finish a second round of jacking off simply remembering the filling of the air passing my ass and ball shack but this time cleaned up with my cum rag instead of leaving my load on top of the dry leaves. This is my first time jacking outside as least with one end of the building open to the outside and I can say I had many more outside jacking but mostly at night. Hope you enjoyed and maybe will lead to sound of cum hitting dry leaves!



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