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Backyard Excitement

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My most memorable orgasim happened in my backyard. 


My neighborhood is filled with large homes, mature trees and neighbors who would be either envious or shocked if they knew what happens in my backyard.

Although the homes surrounding mine are quite close, my wife and I have near total privacy due to mature plants and a six-foot fence. When leaves fill the trees, a corner of our our back patio is fully shielded from view - perfect for letting the sun find parts of our bodies normally hidden from all but each other.

I adore being naked in the sunshine. My wife is slowly accepting that fact and even joins me for nude sunbathing when the mood strikes. She typically steps through the french doors with her nudity guarded from a neighbor’s accidental glance by one of my dress shirts - and nothing else. If in a daring mood, she leaves it unbuttoned to expose her creamy white skin and her red bush that I find intoxicatingly sexy.

Difficult though it may be, I keep hands-off as she settles into the outdoor sofa nestled into the most private corner of the patio. My shirt gapes open as she relaxes, letting the sunlight kiss her breasts and spill across her silky pubic hair. As she reads, I study the beauty of her female form and imagine how it will feel when our skin, hot from the sun, finally comes into contact. The most intense orgasm I can remember happened just that way.

We had enjoyed a long Sunday drive in our convertible, then settled with a glass of wine on the patio. Sexual tension was already high because of where my hands had been as we cruised the back roads. Before long, I was inside her. She was receiving me in a chair that rocks with a very gentle forward and back movement. I provided the force but let the chair deliver the motion to slide my cock in and out of her deliciously wet pussy. The sensation was indescribable. My muscles tensed and energy built as I watched myself disappear into her again and again. The motion of the chair allowed us to concentrate all our attention on the single point where our bodies met - between her legs which now draped over the arms of that amazing chair. I felt it building, but had no idea the orgasm that swept through me would be so....memorable. Each pulse of my penis sent cum deeper inside her, and they just kept coming. Even when my prostate had exhausted itself, the pleasure waves continued as her wet womanhood stroked my fading erection. My knees unable to support my own weight any longer, I exhaled and withdrew.

She joined me on the sofa to spoon and cuddle in the sunshine while, all around us, neighbors went about their day unaware that my beautiful wife had just made mine worthy of writing about.



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