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Back To It

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This morning I made a mistake. I stood n my bathroom scales. Eek! Time to do some serious work!  So, today finds me in my home studio with the heating turned full on. Itís way too hot in here, abut for what I have in mid, itís perfect. 


I started off with some gentle stretches and a warm up routine. I must admit, it wasnít easy going. Iím out of shape and Iíve eaten way too much over Christmas! 

Then the real work. Several vigorous routines during which the sweat literally poured off me. Then I did them all over again. By this time, I was drenched, both armpits, back, between my legs, face....everywhere. 

Then I remembered that sex is supposed to be good for a few calories. Well, no one to have sex with apart from me! 

I slipped out of my leotard and stood naked in the studio, then I went through all five routines again, stark naked. I forced myself to dance so hard that the sweat didnít have time to evaporate. Of course, being naked, the room also smelled of my special scent too! Every time I opened my legs there was a whiff of me. Then, in a break, I sat down opposite the mirror wall and just looked at m crotch. 

A vagina is an odd thing, isnít it? Two lips that, when parted reveal an oyster of pleasure. I could see my piercing, of course, but also the milky white pearlescent tip of my clit. Then, a little lower, my urethra, and then my vagina..my cunt...my pussy...my twat. What do I call mine? It varies on the type of horny I am at that moment. I could see a creamy white fluid gently oozing out of me and running down to my bum hole, that soft, darker puckered flesh that I have discovered gives me enhanced sexual pleasure. 

I realised that Iíve never done this. Iíve never watched myself in a mirror. I began by just taking in the whole sight or me, my tiny but firm tits, my tummy (a bit too much of a tummy at the moment), then my mound, then my sex. I began masturbating, watching each movement and comparing it with the feeling it gave me. 

One finger inside, then two, then three. God, it looks so raunchy having three finger stuffed up me. The heel of my hand on my clit and then I began wriggling all three fingers, pressing them, as one, hard against my G spot. Mmmm I love that feeling! Itís like a desperate need for a piss, but thereís a sexual element to it that far outweighs the need to pee. 

I could see my bumhole contracting and relaxing too......the excercise ball I was leaning on wouldnít take it if Iíd tried to finger my bum as well, but maybe I could do this with a camera another time. 

I imagined myself in the studio at Uni, during the Skyclad module when all of us dance naked. I imagined us getting the difficult bit out of the way First by all masturbating together. The thought of being watched by the rest of the class made me cum. 

I saw the contractions and they made me cum harder, and harder and harder until, when I pulled my fingers out of my twat, there was a fish of ejaculate. Iíve never been quite sure if I squirt or pee, but this wasnít coming from my pee hole. An arc of clear girl cum squished out of me onto the floor. 

As you all know by now, Iím not averse to peeing, but I didnít this time.

I went back to my workout and really worked hard. That post cum feeling really helped and gave me a focus. It also gave me a reward. I promised myself that if I completed the work Iíd set myself, I would have Ďsecondsí. I also promised myself that if I completed it early, for every five minutes, I would allow myself something dirty. 

Treadmill next and a five mile run, including gradients. I set the machine to go faster than my usual pace. Running naked is fun too! (Having small tits really helps). 

In the end I finished six minutes ahead of schedule. But I didnít waist that time. Instead I did six minutes of sit ups. 

Then, of course, I had to throw open the windows, turn the heating back to normal and get rid of the smell of Becky from that room, because, damn, it really did smell of sex! 

The leotard was yucky, pulling it back on and I immediately sweated it up all over again, together with a nice deposit in the crotch. 

Back in the privacy of my bathroom, I just decided that I would give myself a sexy treat, but later.



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