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Back Seat Screwing

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Back Seat Screwing
Hi, Im a 15 male and i love your site. Ive been reading it for about a year and have now decided to write about my masturbation experiences. I usually masturbate everday pretty religiously. I usually start out by reading stories on the site or looking at porn or something. This is fine but when i have a lot of time on my hands i like to take it slow. I'll usually lay down on my bed and set up the video camera so that i can watch myself. I'll usually get a bottle of cooking oil and lube up my cock and asshole. I'll put the end of a hairbrush into my ass and move it around some. This feels great. Then i start to slowly stroke my cock with the hairbrush still in my ass. I fantasize about small-bodied girls alot, small bodys really turn me on. I Imagine that Im feeling there tight little bodys and fucking their tight little twats. This usually makes me start masturbating really fast and I start moving the hairbrush in and out with my other hand while i stroke with the other,then i stop just before the point of no return and repeat the process again fantasizing about another little girl. This usually brings very powerful orgasms when you do it right. I'll then save the tape for inspiration for my next session.
Ok heres something that happened to me afterschool once. Some people were hanging around in the band hall waiting for practice to begin. I was talking to some people. I wrapped up my conversation with them and then walked over to get something from my locker. This girl named melissa whom i fantasize about constantly came up and opened her locker which was next to mine. She is so damn hot. She has about c breasts that are very round and it was cold in the room so her nipples were poking out. She was wearing a pair of really short shorts and a tank top shirt. when she bent over to get something out of her locker, i got a great view of her tits. We started talking and i just couldnt take my eyes off of her tits. I think she noticed me looking and kind of bent over and revealed more cleavage. By now I had a raging hard on. She looked down and i know she was looking at it. I tried to hide it but it was just too damn big. She asked if i wanted to go with her to get something from her car and i said sure. As we were walking out to the parking lot she asked me if i liked her tits. I kind of nervously said yes. By that time we were to her car. She told me to get in the back seat. She got in after me and closed to door. I asked her what she was doing. She responded by leaning over and kissing me long and hard. I kissed back and put my arms around her. She pulled away and removed her top. She had on a white cotton bra. I could see her dark nipples through the thin fabric. She started to unbutton my pants. when she got them off, she pulled down my boxers and my hard dick popped out. She smiled and started stroking it. She then slowly put it in her mouth, i was in heaven. She then stopped and removed the rest of her clothes. She positioned herself over me and slowly slid her pussy onto my dick. I love the feeling warm pussy lips swallowing your dick. We turned over so that i was on top. I started to pump her warm pussy. It was so tight and warm. we fucked for about ten minutes and then i pulled out right before i came. I stroked my dick until i came on her tits. Then went dpwn to taste her pussy. It was very warm and wet from fucking. I gave it a good lick then shoved my tongue into her slit, she started to moan and buck. I then start licking and sucking directly on her swollen clit. She then came and screamed very loud. We then got dressed and went back to band. -Jeremy



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