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Back in College

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It's amazing what a really hot woman can talk you into.


   I've been reading Solo Touch for several years now but this is the first time I've had the courage to tell people about something that happened to me in my past. It was during my Junior year in college at a large midwestern university. I was living in a co-ed dorm with a mix of about 600 perpetually horny young men and women. This particular dormitory had mainly single occupancy rooms so there was plenty of privacy. I was to find out that some of the most interesting things were not so private.

   There was one particular woman there that I was especially hot for. She was 5' 3" inches tall, about 120 pounds and curved in all the right places. I eventually found out she was a 36DD bust. She also had this amazing dark black hair that ran down well past her shoulders. She was extremely intelligent, talked about going onto grad school in Chemical Engineering. She also made it very clear that she didn't have a lot of inhibitions. We'll call her Angie.

   Now I was the only guy interested in her. It was evident anytime she was in the public areas of the dorm; there would be the inevitable collection of male students trying to get her attention. One of my buddies was as interested in her as I was. We both joked about it and speculated which one of us might get lucky with her someday. What we didn't know was that when that someday came it would be both of us at the same time!

   Now my buddy and I were not jocks. He was another Chemical Engineering Major and I was a History Major. We weren't in bad shape but you couldn't have gotten either of us in a gym without paying us. Still we were as typically horny as most guys that age and open to just about anything. I'll say my buddie's name was Bob.

   So one day Angie approaches both of us and says she is going back to her dorm room to study and would like some company while she was hitting the books. Bob and I were quick to take her up on this though when we both volunteered she got this funny little smile on her face. We must have followed her like a couple of puppies.

   We get back to her room and actually study for about an hour. She was stretched out on her bed, I was on a short couch she had in her room and Bob was sitting at the built in window desk her room had. Angie announces that she needs a study break and then very matter of factly states that she is horny and going to need to do something about it! Now Bob and I are a bit stunned by her saying this. She then very matter of factly says that usually she would send her company packing out of her room and take some personal time to play with herself. Then she looks at us and says she likes us though, she likes both of us, she wants us to help her out.

  Now Bob and I are both a bit surprised, not sure what to say or so next. She keeps right on talking and tells us that she has a fantasy she wants to live out. Trust me, Bob and I are both listening quite intently. Now Angie was wearing a light blue cotton blouse, it buttoned up the front, amazing how details like this get burned into memory. She keeps her eyes locked on ours, looking back and forth from one to another of us, but at the same time she is slowly unbuttoning that blouse.

   She then asks us if we would like to watch her play with herself and if we consent to her request she might let things go further. At this point I think she could have asked us to jump out the window and the two of us would have raced to the window to see who would be first! It was very evident to us that she had on this very lacy black bra under the blouse. I found out later that she liked buying nice lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood despite her meager college finances. She was of a mind to feel sexy but right at this moment she looked beyond sexy. That cleavage of hers was like a trap for us.

   Soon she had the blouse off and was sitting on her bed in just the black bra and beat up blue jeans. Bob and I were just sitting there listening, waiting for what would come next. Then she got that funny smile again and asked Bob and I if we liked each other, if we trusted each other? Kind of surprised both of us that she would ask that but we both answered that we did. We had known each other since our Freshman year and pretty much studied and partied all the time.

   She never lost her eye contact with us, she just cleared her throat for a moment and then said she wanted to watch us play with each other. She quickly added that if we did she would let us watch her play with herself but if we did a good job on each other then she might consider more. With this she stood up and dropped her jeans to the floor; she was now standing about a yard in front of both of us, only in some black panties that matched the bra she was wearing. It seemed like ages passed right then before I looked over at Bob. His mouth was moving but it was like he couldn't find the words. Though Bob and I talked about sex a lot there had never been anything between he and I. We were about as heterosexual as they come.

   Still Angie is watching us, her smile is still there but there was this intensity in her eyes. She took her right hand and put it down the front of those panties. She was obviously fingering herself. Her eyes never left the two of us. Then very matter of factly Bob and I look at each other and we both stand up and start undressing. Not a word has passed between he and I, it probably took us thirty seconds and we were both nude. Now we had seen each other naked before, our house in the dormitory had a common shower area for the thirty guys in the house. You got used to seeing other guys naked. This time things were so very different though.

   It was a bit awkward, we were not quite sure what to do. Angie took over at this point, she instructed us to sit down side by side on her bed. She then went over to the couch I had been sitting on. Bob and I sat down side by side, maybe a foot apart, the funny thing is we were both hard, I saw his erection standing out hard, he had maybe seven inches. The head of his cock was big and purple. I had an erection fo my own. I was blessed by nature with eight inches and I'm pretty thick. This was an odd moment for both Bob and I since we had never looked at another man's erection before!

   Angie had our attention again right away though. She spread her legs out on the couch and it was very evident her panties were wet, drenched even. She then smiled and told us how proud she was of this and wanted to further award us. Then she very deftly removed the bra and tossed it onto the window desk. She had some of the most amazing breasts I've ever seen in my life. Part of it might have been that she was all of twenty-two years old but they stood up proudly. After she did this her voice got a little more husky and she asked us we would do as she would ask?

   This was a pretty big moment for us, we were both watching her but very aware of each other. She then asked me to put my hand on Bob's cock. I didn't hesitate a second. It was the first time I'd ever touched another man's meat in my life and here I was doing it without a second thought. She then told Bob to reach behind the pillow on her bed, she had a bottle of lotion there. I can remember thinking at that moment that I wondered how much she had planned this out in advance. She then instructed Bob to take the lotion and squirt some of it into his right hand and then pass the bottle to me. It was like she had us in some sort of hypnotic trance, we just did as she asked. She then told me to put some of the lotion on Bob's cock and to start stroking him.

   I'll be honest, I didn't really have a clue what to do so I just worked him slowly kind of like the way I had played with myself over the years. Yes, it was a bit awkward at first, Bob spoke up and told me to tighten my grip a bit. I was watching his cock but also saw his eyes darting back and forth between me and Angie. My back was turned to her right now but I could hear her encouraging us. She then asked very matter of factly how often either of us could cum in a day? I didn't even stop to think about it, I told her most days I could two or three times without any trouble. Bob didn't say anything, at this point he leaned back on the bed and thrust his hips up slightly, giving me better access.

   Bob was now making some grunting noises, not saying a word, but making it evident I must be doing the right things. Now the hand he had the lotion in came down and grabbed my hand I was pumping him with. The lotion pouring over my hand from his. He was taking my hand and making me move it faster. I heard a noise come from where Angie was sitting so I turned my head to see she was completely naked now, spread out widely on the couch, her fingers dancing over her pussy and clit! Her eyes were locked on us though, good it looked like there was a fire in them!

   Then Bob did something that surprised me, more than surprised me, shocked me. He took his hand off my hand, sat up slightly and put that hand behind my head! There was this odd look in his eyes, his own little fire burning there. I knew instantly what he wanted and by this time I think we were all three kind of carried away with it. I glanced back at Angie and her eyes looked wild, her head was shaking as though to say 'Yes, do it'. So I turned my head back to Bob's cock and engulfed it in my mouth.

   I guess there is a first time for everything and some things only happen when they're right. So here I was sucking the first cock of my life. I had no idea what I was doing. The lotion left a funny taste in my mouth but I can remember my mind telling me that I would be tasting something else soon at this rate. I decided, what the hell, Angie was obviously getting off on this. Bob now laid back fully on the bed and I got down on my knees between his legs and started working his cock as best I could. I was able to get a lot of it into my mouth, actually felt it hitting the back of my mouth. I was kind of surprised that I didn't gag in it even though it took a bit to stretch my mouth around it.

   His hands were in my hair, he was guiding my mouth on his cock. I could feel him shaking, shifting a bit, I couldn't see Angie now because my eyesight was filled with just his cock and waist. I did hear her telling him to cum in my mouth. She sounded almost wild, her voice never losing that husky tone but sounding insistent, even urgent. I didn't want to let her down, I started pumping my mouth even faster over his swollen cock.

   Then I felt his whole body shake, his hands gripped my head firmly, he thrust on his own, my mouth just accepting it. I could feel the first spurt hit the back of my mouth, going right into my throat, he was pumping yet so the next shot of jiz hit the roof of my mouth, some of it ended up on my tongue. It was hot and salty, I sucked at him more, taking it all if I could. He spurted five times before it was done. Then his body collapsed into the bed, one hand now resting limply on my head. I now raised my head from his cock and saw Angie had actually moved to the bed. I honestly didn't remember her doing this.

   She took her hand and ran it over my face. She looked so damn beautiful, those breasts of hers were pendulous so close. She then told us how hot we looked. The funny thing was Bob was now in kind of a daze but she was going on about this always being a fantasy of hers. How she wanted to see two men have sex. She then told Bob to move over. He actually rolled off the bed completely, got up and went over to the couch and sat down. She then told me to lay down on the bed just wear Bob had been. I stretched myself out and noticed, but didn't care, that there was a lot of hand lotion and what must have been some of Bob's jiz wet beneath me.

   Then I felt Angie's hands on my cock! She was stroking it very intently, she looked back at Bob and told him to rest a bit, he would have a turn soon enough. Then she carefully straddled me and sunk my cock into what had to be one of the tightess pussies I've ever experienced. She was almost gleeful about it! She was so wet it didn't take any preparation. She just went at it, riding me, then bending forward, pressing those breasts into my chest, and she licked something off my face near my lips. Then she threw herself vertically on top of me and rode me hard!

   I remember my hands going to her waist and then those bouncing tits. It didn't take long before she had me blasting off into her. The funny thing was she was giggling like a kid during this. I think she must have cum too, just judging by the sensations that her pussy was sending my cock. Then she stopped and leaned down onto my chest, her breasts squashing into me, she had her mouth near my ears and she asked me how it was to suck my first cock? I really didn't know how to answer her, I just nodded my head a bit and said it was swell.

   Then she jumps off me, her whole body dancing about, and announces that she wants to study somemore and then in another hour she'll be up for more. Bob just nodded from the couch. I didn't even get off the bed, I asked her to hand me the text book I was reading. So all three of us ended up studying naked. This soon became a regular weekly thing for the three of us. The thing was she didn't want to spend time with us individually, that would be too much like having a boyfriend. She just wanted this routine of the three of us doing our homework and taking a break to satisfy each other.

   As to Bob and I, nothing happened outside her room between us. She could talk the two of us into just about anything and, yes, we tried other things. With Angie as our supportive audience.



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