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Babysitting Fun

Posted by: Author: Age: 17 Posted on: 1 comments
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Love this site. It's given me so much pleasure over the past couple of years, and I hope I can contribute to it.


My name is Adam. I'm 17 years old, 5'8', slim, and got a modest 7.5 inch cock. This happened about two weeks ago. Sorry if it's a bit long, but I put down everything I could remember. It was early Thursday afternoon when I got a call from my Aunt Becky who lives about five minutes away about if I could babysit a relative of her's for the night. I said sure, seeing as how I only had half a day of class early that day. So I grabbed a bit of homework for me to do while I was there and left, telling my mom that I'll be back when I aunt comes back to her home.

When I got there, my aunt told me that my cousins weren't going to be home at all that night and that I was the only person she could turn to. I told her I didn't mind and that I'd be glad to do this for her. Then, out of the kitchen walked out the person I'd be babysitting. Oh my freakin' god! Her name was Amy, and she was a second cousin of my cousins, or something like that. Now, I don't know why she really needed to be watched over, seeing as how she's 16 years old, but maybe because she was staying over for a few days, but she lives close by, so I don't know. All I know is that my aunt wanted someone there that night, and I didn't mind. My aunt left, saying she'd be back late, like midnight or so. She also said I could invite a friend over if I wanted, but jokingly said not to have any parties.

Anyway, she left. Now, about Amy. She looked unbelievably hot. She's a bit shorter than me, dark brown hair, nice slim and fit body, a huge rack and a tight little butt. Those breasts had to be 38Ds or something. I love tits, so that's what I focused in on. My cock was already getting hard and I didn't even say anything to her. She and I got talking, asking where she's from, where she goes to school, small talk really. I found out that her parents had both left for a week or so, and that's why she was staying over my aunt's place, and that my cousins were staying overnight after a party a couple hours out of town. I told her and she can go ahead, watch TV or use the computer. Amy said she'll go upstairs and use the internet, and I told her if she needed anything, I'd be watching TV. As she walked up the stairs, I was pretty much gawking at her. She had this tight t-shirt on that barely contained her tits, and had a stretchy-type pair of shorts on underneath. I could have whipped my cock out there and starting jacking off, but obviously I couldn't. When she got upstairs, I went to the wash room and right away pulled my cock out. I jacked off furiously for a couple of minutes, but I didn't want to cum, so I held off a bit. After that, I went into the family room and watched some TV, but it was hard to concentrate knowing there was an extremely hot girl upstairs that I so wanted a piece of.

So, after a while - I would say about around 7 or 8pm - I was getting a bit bored, and hadn't heard anything from Amy for a while. I shouted up to her that I was going to invite a buddy of mine over, and she said ok. Her voice was kinda shaky or nervous, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. So, I called up my long-time jack off friend Steve over. Me and him pretty much discovered masturbating together at age 12 and do it all the time with each other since then. We don't touch each other in our sessions, but have no problem jacking off and watching porn together. Fun times, indeed. We usually hold off cumming for a few days until we can get together. Then, we let go, and they're usually huge loads that we shoot. He's the same height as me, fit and had a 7 inch cock. So, Steve came over with his backpack and we both went to the TV. I told him about Amy and how I needed to cum really bad right now. He laughed and said 'Come on, man. She's in the same house. You can't do that without getting caught.' He then said, 'Look what I got' and pulled out a porno from his backpack and said we should watch it. This after he said we can't jack off with Amy around. It was obvious the both of us were extremely horny and needed to do something about our hard-ons in our jeans. He said he wanted to see this girl I described, and I told him she's upstairs. He got up and started sneaking up the stairs, just wanting to get a glance of her without her knowing. I followed. We both made it up there without getting noticed and stood outside of the room where the computer was.

Now, the way that room is set up is that the person on the computer has their back turned to the door, and the person looking into the room can see what's on the screen. So, Steve looked in through the slightly opened door and whispered 'Oh man!' and then pointed. I looked, and I couldn't believe what I saw. Amy was sitting in the chair, and to my amazement, she was watching a porn video! Awesome! Even though she had her back turned to us sitting in the chair, she had her legs up and it seemed like her right hand was in her shorts, so I could assume she was masturbating. Steve and I dived into the master bedroom a few doors down. We were both shocked and excited about what we saw and needed to take advantage of this situation. Steve then unzipped his jeans and pulled out his already fully erect cock. He started jacking it and moaning 'I need to cum bad, man. Fuck, she's hot!' I told him hold on and that I have an idea. I planned out that me and him walk in on Amy, act shocked a bit, and tell her it's ok what she's doing and if she'd like a bit of company, hoping that we could get in on it. Steve said 'Man, that would be perfect!' and we went to the computer room, quietly. We peeked in again, and Amy was still here, this time with the chair turned just a bit where I could see that she was indeed rubbing her pussy through her shorts, and had one hand on her left tit, grabbing and pulling on her nipple through her shirt. Her face was flushed and she was a bit sweaty. Great site for sure! Steve and I stood outside for a couple of minutes, rubbing our cocks between our jeans, getting ourselves even more worked up.

So we then took the risk. Steve and I walked in and I said 'Oh shit! Sorry Amy...I didn't know you were...' She was startled and immediately closed the video she was watching and kept her backed turned to us. She said 'Uh...I didn't hear you there. Um...uh...' and then there was silence for a few seconds. My heart was pacing and my cock was throbbing. I said 'It's alright. Everybody does it and a lot of people watch porn. I don't mind if you do.' Amy turned to us and said 'So, you won't tell anyone then? You won't tell Aunt Becky?' Then Steve said, 'Nah...but, only if you let us join in on the fun.' She sat there for a few seconds, and smiled and said, 'Well, I was feeling kind of lonely up here. I guess we can do something.' I was just standing there amazed that she actually agreed. Steve said, 'Hold on one sec' and ran downstairs. Amy and I stared at each other. I said 'You know, me and him jack off all the time to pornos. It's fun, isn't it?' She giggled a bit and said 'Yeah, I play with myself a couple times a day. I got this special talent, too.' But, before she could tell me what that was, Steve came back in with the porno DVD he had and popped it into the computer. He turned up the volume and put on this wild orgy scene. He started to take off his clothes, and me and Amy followed. Soon we were all standing here naked. Steve and I had huge hard-ons. Amy started grabbing her tits, rubbing them. I put my hand on one, and Steve on the other. She started moaning, but then stopped us. She said 'Wait, I want you guys to watch me.'

She backed away and sat back in the chair. We sat back on the couch in the room. Amy spit in her hand and rubbed away at her pussy. She went faster and faster, moaning even louder. She then said 'I want you guys to jack off for me.' So we did. I grabbed my cock with one hand and played with my balls with the other. Steve and I had been working on the Stop N' Go jacking off method and doing some PC flexes, and it's really helped us shoot more and farther distances. We were jacking, starting and stopping, while Amy kept rubbing herself, faster and faster. She started breathing heavily, and her massive tits heaved up and down with each breathe. We were all getting into it when Amy said 'I'm going to show you something' and then she got up, left, and came back with a towel. She laid it on the floor in front of us and sat down. She leaned back, and kept rubbing her pussy. Steve and I had a great view of her pussy. I looked at Steve, and he was moaning hard and sweating. Hell, we all were steaming up, and it just added to the fun. Amy said to us 'Are you ready?' I said, 'Ready for what?', and then out of nowhere, she screamed loudly and BOOM! Amy actually squirted, and she squirted a lot! It shot up in the air, straight at Steve and I. It hit our chests, cocks, and thighs. It felt a bit warm and nice. We use it as kind of lube to keep jacking off. Amy kept squirting some more, this time on herself. This lasted for what seemed like a minute in spurts, before she just collapsed and lay there, twitching up a couple of times. Steve and I were amazed and he said 'Wow! That is so fucking awesome!' We both got up and sat down beside her. We rubbed the squirt all over her chest. Amy sat up and jumped at me. I lay down and she sat on top of me. She grabbed my cock and started pumping away. She said 'I've done this before, you know...been with a couple of guys, giving handjobs'. Steve stood behind her, knelt down, and rubbed his cock on her ass. She worked my shaft and played with my balls. We were all dripping of sweat and squirt, moaning and grunting, while the porno was still going on in the background. She ground against my body, with my cock rubbing up on the outside of her pussy, while Steve was smacking his cock on her ass.

Amy then got up and sat us back down on the couch. She knelt down between the both of us and grabbed both of our cocks. She jacked both of us off, twisting our shafts, slapping our balls. We were in heaven! I tried to hold back as long as I could have. Steve then yelled 'I'm gonna cum!' Amy stood him up and said 'Cum on all over me' and she lay down on the ground. She started rubbing and fingering her pussy again. Steve grunted and shot out stream after stream of cum. I counted 8 of them, and they landed all over Amy. On her face, tits, and some near her pussy, which she wiped onto her stomach. The sight of her covered in cum got me going even more. Steve sat back down, while I got up. I told Amy 'Damn, I'm about to cum hard!' and she said 'Do it for me!' and reached around and slapped my ass. She lay back down, and I came really hard and long. It had to be 9 ropes of cum, and I aimed it for her face. It landed everywhere though...her face, tits, stomach, arms, legs. You name it, and she was pretty much covered in cum. I fell to my knees and just stared at her. Amy moaned 'Fuck boys, I'm going to cum again'. She rubbed her pussy and fingered herself for a minute before she squirted hard again! I was right in front of her, so most of it hit me in the face and chest, with the rest landing on her cum-covered body. Her faced was flushed and she was shaking all over. That whole session lasted about an hour or so, and it was still a few hours before my aunt was going to be home.

Amy got up and just stood there. Steve and I were loved the site in front of us. Amy, with her big perky tits and tight body, dripping of sweat, squirt, and our huge cum loads was a great thing to see. She said that she was going to take a quick shower and invited us to join her. We went to the wash room, and she got into the tub, while me and Steve watched. I sat up onto the counter. I was started to get hard again and grabbed my cock. I jacked harder and faster, leaned back, and before I knew it, I blew another load, this time all over myself. I shot a huge load that landed up to my neck and was all over my chest. I sat there on the counter, laughing a bit. Steve said 'Wow man, you must be really horny!'. He started jacking off again, too, and soon after he came, shooting his load at Amy. She giggled and his cum hit her on her stomach, and it was a good size load, too. Amy laid down in the tub and started masturbating again. Eventually, she squirted again, having I'm guessing multiple orgasms, because she squirted more than either of the other two times. It was so much that it left puddles in the tub, and she was just dripping wet. We all got into the shower and cleaned ourselves off, all the while, rubbing up against Amy, sucking on her tits, rubbing her swollen pussy, and she was playing with our cocks some more.

Eventually, we did get out of the shower and went back to the computer room, sitting around naked. We surfed the internet, watching some more porn together, and talked a bit. According to her, she's done things like this before. She gets a few guys from school together every now and then, and they have masturbation sessions that turn out like ours did. She admitted she has a big cum fetish, and just loves being covered in it, watching guys shoot it, and watching videos of guys masturbating. Steve and I thought it was cool that a girl like this existed, and wasn't living too far away (maybe 10 minutes or so). We watched some more porn over an hour more, playing with each other again, jacking and rubbing. Steve got dressed and left, leaving me and Amy alone again all naked. It was getting closer to when my aunt was going to come back. Before that, though, she and I had a bit more fun. She said she's never had sex before, and doesn't want to do it right now, but she still wanted to ride my cock. She put her shorts back on, and sat on top of me on the couch. My cock started to grow again. She pushed her tits in my face, and I sucked on her nipples. She ground her pussy up on my cock through her shorts. She humped me, going faster each time. She was moaning again and really getting into it. I was breathing heavily and yelled 'Oh god!' I grabbed my cock and shot a decent load for the third time onto her shorts. She rubbed the cum onto her pussy through her shorts, and she squirted inside of them. Her shorts were soaking and she was shaking. I just lay down after that, and she lay on top of me. After a few minutes, we got dressed and talked a bit more. My aunt did eventually come back home, not knowing what took place. Amy and I exchanged e-mail addresses and she invited me to her next group masturbation session. I'll definitely be there for sure.

That was a crazy night. Feel free to leave comments in the comments section. Hope you enjoyed this true story, and I hope you post some more soon for you!



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