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Baby, Oh Baby Powder

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My second submission.


I was perusing some of the stories from this month as well as some of the archives from last year, and I was wondering how come I haven't been able to write anymore stories, but I was able to remember some fun I used to have while visiting my grandparents in New York. Me and my family would visit there every few months or so.

I remember that my family would get irritating at times and their house wasn't that large, so sometimes when I had to use the bathroom, I would spend as much time as I could in there. They used to have this hanging mirror that they propped against the wall on top of the toilet tank. Sometimes I would pick it up and look at the different parts of my body that I could not see without the mirror. I would strip down and look at my bare legs and butt. After I became older and more curious, I would put one foot onto the toilet or edge of the tub and hold the mirror underneath me so I could see my testicles and anus. Usually by this time I would be completely hard, and if I had the time, I'd masturbate while looking at my butt and balls in the mirror.

After some visits here and there and spending more time in the bathroom, I began to look around and inspect the bottles and lotions and other things that they had in the medicine cabinet and under the sink. Most of the things that I played with were in plain sight. Sometimes, I would take a small bundle of Q-tips and put them in vaseline and put them in my ass and jerked off. Eventually, I discovered the wonder of baby powder. I examined it because I never really had any use for it since I was in diapers. I remember putting some in my hand and rubbing between my fingers. Eventually, I would shake some into my hand and rub it on my chest and over my nipples, and then worked down and rubbed it on my slightly hairy testicles and penis.

Something about the baby powder made me feel cool and smooth in a way that lotion couldn't. I would begin to caress my balls and rub my hands up and down the powdery shaft of my five inch rock hard cock. When my fingers would brush against the head of it, the head would twitch making everything feel so good. I never knew that anything dry could feel so good, but I began to make that part of my regular routine when I would visit. I'd rub myself all over with the baby powder, hoping that no one would notice how much would be gone after I visited. I'd sprinkle the powder in my hands and rub it all over until I spurted cum on the mirror.

I suggest you try it if you can. It can be surprisingly gratifying to use powder as a dry 'lube'. I will go right now to use some since I'm finally home alone again.



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