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Awakening in More Ways Than One

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This is not truly FF but it was the hottest thing in my life.


This happened when I was 13. I was old enough to stay home alone but my parents were going to be out of town for 10 days. My grandparents do not do winter so my parents arranged for one of my old sitters to stay with me, she was 18 and was attending a local college. She stayed in the guest room. My parents' room was explicitly out of bounds. I knew the reason for this probably was that they had a computer that was not filtered. But I had no idea what other treasures laid within.

I had become aware my parents were very sexual people. During recent remodeling construction, it allowed me to hear goings on in their room from my bathroom. I had got up at night to use the potty, and I heard what sounded like my mom in extreme pain. I was worried until I heard the rhythmic creeks of the bed frame and put two and two together. At first I was grossed out but as I sat answering natures call I found myself becoming aroused at the pounding my mom was surely enjoying. I had been jilling for a while. My arousal overwhelmed any uneasiness I was feeling. As I sat there and listened I noticed the sound seemed to be coming from what had until recently been the door to their room. I knew the area on the other side was a new closet in my parents' room. I opened the door to what was to become a shallow closet for cleaning supplies. The wall had open studs on the bathroom side. With the door open it was like I was standing in the room. I could hear everything, or nearly everything. Things were said under their breath that were unintelligible. But there was very little left to the imagination.

I sat down on the new pile carpet and started to rub one out. There were some sounds I could not identify. There was something like a slow turning motor and a hum like a transformer. It almost sounded like they were running the floor polisher. (Which I had discovered in a recent housekeeping jilling adventure, but that is another story.) I was over the edge twice before my mom rendered a stifled scream. There was some discussion as to what dad had in mind. I did not hear the reply. Just then the dog started barking, I did not want to get caught eves dropping. So I went back to my room.

I learned my parents did 'it' every evening my mom had off and frequently each morning my dad had off. I would often set my phone to wake me around 11:00pm when they went to bed or 6:00am so I could get some inspiration. I suspect they had no idea how much sound carried through the thin wall.

Fast forward to the time I was left home with Carrie. Carrie had classes most evenings but only had one morning class which allowed her to sleep in. She was supposed to make sure I got up and had breakfast but I never saw her in the morning. The third night she was there I woke up having to pee, and I could swear I heard some of the familiar sounds I was used to hearing from my parents room coming from the guest room. I knew I had to find out what was making that noise. My plan was to rush home from school and set things up to spy into the guest room.

I raced home after school the next day and found a Hitachi wand and her hair brush in the guest room bed. The hair brush handle had dried girl goo. I had not dared to insert anything up to that point. But there was no doubt what Carrie had been doing. I figured Carrie had to have borrowed the wand from my parents' room. So, I went to see where Carrie might have gotten it and to see what else might be there. I knew from listening they had several toys. I went in their room and what I found really shocked me. Their new closet had a lock. Carrie had pulled the pins on the hinges and got into their locked closet!!! I was shocked. I was nervous and excited I had to think how to get the most mileage out of this discovery without getting into trouble myself.

I moved the door aside and saw there was all kinds of stuff in there. I could see why my parents had been so absolute about staying out of their room, and why they had built a private closet. Lots of the stuff I had no idea of what it was. My plan was to research things over the next few days, but first I wanted to set up so I could spy on Carrie as she used some of the things in my parents' private stash.

The guest room and my room have a shared air vent. I went to my room and unscrewed the vent in my room. I slid a cardboard periscope my dad had given me that he had bought at a golf tournament. It worked perfectly I could see the bed perfectly just standing on my desk. Next, I moved a mood light I had to the guest room to make sure there would be enough light to see what was going on. I wanted to try out the wand, I had tried it over my pants and it was awesome, maybe even too much without them. Just as I was about to shed my pants and get more serious, I heard the garage door open, so put things back where I found them. I went downstairs to help with dinner.

Dinner was uneventful, though I queried Carrie on a number of titillating issues. In part to learn some stuff, and in part to get us both a little revved up. I learned that she had started masturbating at about my age and she had lost her virginity but the guy was a jerk. She encouraged me to hold off until I found a really nice guy. I asked her some jilling tips all she said was to use my electric toothbrush or the water faucet in the tub. I had no idea how to do this but she said I would figure it out.

I wanted to turn in early so I could get some sleep so I could get up so I could spy on Carrie in case she did the same thing she had the prior night. I set my phone in a vibrate alarm at midnight. As I was woken, I was immediately aware Carrie was at it again. From the sound of things, if I did not hurry the show might be over before I could see anything. I used my cell phone to see without turning on my light, which may have shown through the periscope. What I saw when I got up there had me wet on the spot. She had a huge fake penis shoved up her cunny and the wand on her clit. I could not believe the thing would fit in her. She was really starting to moan. I figured that she was getting her climax. I was wrong though, she kept it up for several minutes. When it did hit her she nearly screamed. It definitely would have woken me up if I had not been up. I so wanted to try the wand again. I almost went to her room feigning concern about her screaming, but I did not have the guts. I got down and back in bed and started jilling. I was soaked as I was ready to cum in no time flat. I normally cum without a sound but hearing Carrie let loose encouraged me to do the same. I really let loose. I could not believe how much more intense my orgasm was. I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Carrie said 'It sounded like you had a fun time getting back to sleep' I told her I was well inspired by her performance. She asked me if I used the electric toothbrush. I told her I did not want to put anything inside me. She kind of sniggered. Then she laid it out in exquisite detail. First you use the back of the brush on either side of my clit, then move in circles then finally directly to my clit if I can stand it. Then just as I cannot hold back any longer, flip over to the brush side. Make sure you use an old worn out brush, and run it under hot water to soften the bristles, and to remove any traces of minty toothpaste. She made me so horny talking about it that morning, I was ready to stay home from school, but Carrie was not going to let that happen.

I conned my last class teacher into letting me go to the library. I hitched a ride with a High School girl who got done at that time. I got home with three hours of solo time. I started with the toothbrush. It took a while to get the hang of it, but it was truly amazing. I came three times before I collapsed in exhaustion. I slept for about and hour and woke up swollen and wet down there. I must have been dreaming up a storm. I got up and went to the guest room. Carrie had left her bed just as she had got out of it, with both toys in clear view. I was infatuated by the fake penis I 'knew' nothing that big would ever fit inside me. (I now have a bigger one myself but that too is another story.) I flopped down on the bed in just my top, and turned on the wand. I started on the low setting. It was almost too much. I could not put it directly on my clit. I moved it around all over my body, finally settling at my vagina opening. I squeezed my legs tightly together and had my fourth cum of the day. Fifth if you include the midnight tranquilizer.

That night at dinner I asked Carrie if she would be masturbating again that night. She said she might. I asked her to knock on my door to wake me up if she was going to have another go. I told her I wanted to hear the whole performance. She blushed and said ok but only if I can hear you after. Later that evening I was woken by a knock at my door and to Carrie saying 'I am not sleepy, but I am going to bed now'. I got up in my spy perch and saw Carrie with a new toy. It had a part you push in, and another bit that vibrates your clit. The part that goes in wiggled all round. It was not as big as the one from the night before but still more than anything I would be trying anytime soon. Carrie put on a great show she was talking and giving directions and moaning real loud. I was rubbing my button, but I can cum while I am standing. So I just diddled away, as Carrie conducted an award winning double climax performance. I laid in my bed, and followed her shortly after. I turned and looked at the clock before drifting off and it was before 11, which meant I had cum six times in one 24 period, five more than any day before.

The next few days I used my parents computer to get at least an associates degree in all things adult toy related. My parents had something from virtually every category. I was bound and determined to get something in my cunny before the week was out, but the only thing in the closet that looked like it might work was a butt plug, I was not going to put something up there that had been in someone elses butt. I scoured the house to find something to use. I found a marker with an oblong body. It took three nights of poking around before it finally went in. There was a sharp pain but it quickly subsided. I was surprised how wet I was and how easily it slipped in and out. After I realized some of the wetness was blood which freaked me out a little, until Carrie told me that was normal. When my parents came home the only toy I had tried was the wand and that was just the one time. I was very happy for several years with my toothbrush and the occasional extended 'bath'.

To this day I am more of a clit stimulation kind of girl. I have a dildo that is quite large but I only use it when the mood hits me. It gives me that full feeling and gives me something to contract onto, but it does little to get me there.

I may write more about that 10 day stretch. It was the most orgasmic of my life then or since. Carrie and I never did anything together other than in two different rooms. She never saw me doing it, and if she ever knew I had seen her, she never let on. I never spilled the beans to my parents. When I was 16 I regularly raided 'the closet' so I would not feel 'the need' to lose my virginity as so many of my friends had. (Those too are other stories)



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