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Automatic Masturbation System - AMS

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Working in the shop was never this much fun until now.


Although I've got a few tricks to make this even better than it sounds, here's the trick.

First, you'll want a private, windowless, semi sound proof environment such as your basement or remote garage/outbuilding. If you're brave and like danger, disregard this requirement.

Second, you'll need a shop vacuum with a hose at least 2 inches in diameter.

Third, if you're like me, you will need a bench vise mounted to a workbench and a fully adjustable office chair. I've got one of these newfangled chairs that contorts every which way.

Fourth: mount the rigid extension of the vacuum in the vice aimed DOWN toward the fun zone area where you'll sit in your office chair. Adjustment is key and investment of time at this point is worth the effort. Do a "trial fit" to be sure that the end of the hose is about an inch from your torso...not buried into your groin...while your erection is aiming freely into the tube...ideally not touching the sides when you're in your most comfortable seated position.

Fifth: Attach the flex hose to the non-penis end of rigid hose (that's not mounted in your bench vice), roll yourself into position with the vacuum rolled up next to you where you can easily control the switch.

Optionally, put on hearing protection.

NOW: In position, der weiner in der rocket launcher, hand on the vacuum switch, anticipation...anticipation...wait until you're just a little harder...see how much self-control you have! Give in and turn on the switch to the vac.

My penis whips around inside the tube and there's all sorts of wonderful sounds. It's hard to stay relaxed in the chair and the temptation to flex your buns MUST be resisted...remain as absolutely relaxed as possible. You'll cum in under a minute. If you don't cum in under a minute you have no nerve endings left from beating off all the time! I usually push the vacuum away from me so I can't easily turn it off. I let it drain me. Since it never really "sucks" but simply causes the whipping sensation, you can usually get off again if you're patient. The last time I got off twice my wife walked in and watched the last few minutes. I wasn't sure what she was going to do when she turned off the vacuum ---it shocked me since my eyes had been closed! She finished by doing her own sucking and asked why I simply didn't ask her to do it directly!!!

I never EVER imagined that having gotten caught would be a GOOD thing. She's never even seen me masturbate at all before, so this was quite a shocker for me. Another bonus is that she's been VERY focused on my crotch over the last two weeks...more hand jobs and blowjobs than normal.

I'm going to wake her and ask for relief now.



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