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Aunt Tami Cleans Up

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When I was younger, I used to spend the night over at my cousin's house frequently. We were close to the same age and were like brothers growing up. We used to bathe together when we were younger. It wasn't uncommon for my Aunt Tami to come into the bathroom and check on us or help us wash off. She was a nurse, so I never really felt uncomfortable with her in there. She would often go pee while she was in there and I remember sneaking peeks at her bush as she sat on the toilet. When I was about 12, Tami got a divorce from my Uncle Terry. I still stayed over frequently to spend time with my cousin. I was at the age where seeing my Aunt's bush used to lead to some exciting jack sessions. One in particular was the best ever. I think I was 13 and was taking a bath before I was gonna hit the sack...when in walks my Aunt Tami to take a pee again. 'I hope you don't mind,' she said 'I just couldn't wait.' I just shook my head and tried to cover up my dick with my wash cloth. When she parted her robe to sit down, I noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her pussy. I had only imagined what it looked like under that bush. Now I had full view of her drooping labia only a few feet from me. I hadn't seen an actual bald pussy before. As I watched her, my cock began to grow and I tried my best to hide it. When she finished, she looked over and smiled. 'I see you are growing up pretty nicely.' she said as she came over to the tub. 'Let's see what you're hiding under there.' She reached out to take my washcloth out of her view. At first, I was nervous, but I figured she was a nurse and she had seen many guys before. I slowly removed my hand and washcloth to reveal my now stiff cock. She cupped her hand under my balls and squeezed them lightly. 'Looks like you are developing quite nicely...but what's all the excitement about?' she said as she grabbed my hard-on softly. 'Were you watching me go to the bathroom, you bad boy?' she said playfully while she squeezed my cock gently. 'You know it's important to keep yourself clean,' she stated as she grabbed the soap. 'I can show you how to do it right..if you want'. She squatted down next to the tub and lathered her hands up. I was standing there with my throbbing cock right in her face. As she squatted, her robe separated giving me full view of her bare pussy once again. 'You need to wash it well,' she said as she started sliding her soap covered hand up and down my shaft. Her other hand was lathering up my balls. She tightened her grip and increased her speed on my cock. 'See how clean it is getting?' she asked. Now her perky little breasts were jiggling out of her robe so I could just see her nipples perking up. 'How's that?' she asked, as she pumped away. 'A little more,' I moaned. Within seconds, I was shooting cum on her chest but she kept pumping and sqeezing my balls until I almost couldn't stand any longer. 'I'm sorry,' I said, fearing I had done something wrong. 'It's ok,' she said 'you have to keep the inside clean too' and she wiped off with a towel. 'If you promise to keep this a secret, I'll help you again next time you come over. If you're really good, maybe you can help me.' Well needless to say, that was a well kept secret. The rest I will have to save for anther time.



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