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Audrey and Me

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It was during my senior year in High School when this happened.


Me and Audrey were best friends since pre-school and we would always share our thoughts and feelings to each other. We both became open towards anything, even sex. Although none of us had yet had sex, we would often talk about who we wanted our first time to be. Sometimes we would spend hours in my room talking about these things and it sometimes made me hot during our conversation.

I could notice too that she was feeling the same thing, I would often catch her moving her legs, squeezing them together for a moment and then move again. Being hot as well, I decided I need to do something. I wanted to ask her if she had already kissed a boy. She said no. I then asked her if she would like to practice kissing with me. She was kinda shocked at first but after several minutes, she agreed. I then asked her what position would she choose to kiss. She replied that we would be lying in the bed. I laid down and she soon followed. We then cuddled next to each other, I could feel her hot body against me. Our breathing would be simultaneous. I then leaned forward to kiss her. We gently started with a few pecks and eventually we were now french kissing.

I then got the courage to move my hands into her chest. She got suprised at first but because of the making out, she was now ready for anything. I groped first her left breast under her blouse. It was soft and the nipples were perky. I then did the same with the right breast. I then proceeded to her pelvic area. She took off her jeans so I could gain better access. My hand was now near her pussy. I could sense that she was already wet judging by the way she would react at my every touch. I then reached out to her clit and rubbed it rigourously, she was now squirming at my every caress. We were now making out heavily, while I was fingering her.

I could now tell she was reaching her climax, I then fingered her fast, back and forth while still kissing her. As if one finger was not enough, I used two fingers of mine to further reach her pussy. After moments, she let out a scream, she was cumming, It was a great orgasm for her, she came so hard at my fingers, she was like a faucet that was leaking with her own juices. I then took out my fingers and gave her a final kiss before smelling my cum-drenched fingers and licking them. We then both laid on the bed, tired, wet. It was a moment to remember. We then got up, took a shower together and ate snacks afterward. I then gave her a final kiss and said that I had enjoyed out special time.

She kissed me back and was looking forward again to doing it together. We did do it again, on many occasions such as prom, graduation night, and sometimes in the school bathroom every so often. Sadly, now that I am in college and that she moved away, we never got to enjoy our final performance. I will miss her though. Audrey, my best friend, I LOVE YOU.



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