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At the Y

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I'm 14, I love to Masturbate, I'm straight I mean I love tits a lot, but I can't help but get a hard on when I see another guys penis. I'm a kinda heavy set guy not a lot just about 160 and 5'7'. Well, lets get to the story.

I was at the Y one day working out. I had been there for about 3 hrs. so I decided to go shower and change and go home. Well, that took a little longer than expected.

When I walked in to the locker room, Free Swim had just started so guys were getting changed into there swim-trunks, I didn't mention this before but I love to see older guys nude. Well, I noticed a row of lockers with about 5 people changing by it. Two older men who seemed to have come together because they were talking. Two guys about my age, one was going to shower too because I had seen him in the Work-Out room. The another older men who I didn't see his face. I walked to the back of the row so I had to walk by the older men. As I walked by one of the men slapped the other on the butt, this turned me on and I felt I was about to get hard but I was able to hold it off....for now.

As I walked to the back I was across from the man who I didn't see. I started to get undressed when I noticed the guy my age looking at me he was in his boxers and I could clearly see his hard-on. He smiled at me and nodded his head to the showers I held up 3 fingers. Mouthing '3 Minutes'. He nodded and he walked to the showers to wait.

As I got my shorts off I had a half erect penis. I turned around to see the other mans butt. It was tight and nice which made me all the way hard.

As I took my boxers off I was about to run to the showers. I turned around right when the men did. It happened to be my math teacher, I had thought about many times, and I got bright red and so did he. He was able to say 'Oh, Hello James'. I was able to say 'hi, Mr.C'. Then when I realized I was hard I tried to hid it with my hand. Mr.C just kinda chuckled and said 'don't worry it happens to all of us'.

I just ran to the showers. I got the the boy he was half hard and as soon as he saw me he pushed me into the stall, rubbed each other, and all I could think of was my teacher. After I was done I showered off and ran home.

The next day at school my teacher asked to talk to me after class. I was afraid so right away I started to explain I wasn't gay and... but he cut me off. 'I don't think your gay, we all do it and I just don't want you to feel weird around me' he said. I was red but I felt good that he talked to me. Thanks Mr. C



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