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At the Sauna

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There's a large health spa near us. It has a gym, several tanning rooms, a sauna, and next door is a steam room. There are also showers outside the sauna and steam room. I've always wanted to go. Jayney has told me things about these types of bath houses, but this is England. I guess I wanted to just go and fantasize a little. I wasn't expecting what actually happened. 


The steam room was empty, I think. The sauna, however, had a girl lying on her tummy on a towel. I guessed she was in her mid-20s or so. I could see she had undone her bikini top as its straps were draped across the towel she was lying on. 

We exchanged smiles and I spread my own towel out on a bench. Just before I lay down she said, “Pour some water on the coals, would you. It's not hot enough in here." Fuck me! Seriously? The heat had hit me like a hammer when I walked in. Anyway, one ladle of water later and it really was, er, like a sauna in there. I laid on my towel and looked at her. Her body was gleaming with sweat and she had the cutest bum, really pert and tight. I felt a little wetness begin and told myself to behave. Still, I AM me, and behaving doesn't always work well. I undid my bikini top too. 

We lay there in the heat and, in all honesty, it was beginning to get too much for me. I was just thinking of taking a break when she said, "Would you mind rubbing this onto my back?" The 'this' in question turned out to be a nice smelling oil. 

In the spur of the moment, or possibly because I felt naughty, I just got up. I was topless. She looked at my tiny boobs but said nothing. Her back felt toned, so she clearly takes care of herself and works out. I rubbed the oil in across her shoulder and then down her back. Now and then an "mmmm" escaped her. Then I chanced my luck. "Legs,” I asked. It's amazing how one word can lead to so many things. She said, "Yes, please." 

Well, the backs of her legs were fine, as were the outsides. When I applied the slightest pressure to the insides of her ankles, her legs parted. They kept parting as I worked my way up to within a centimeter of her crotch. Should I? 

No, not at first. I rubbed back down her legs, then back up. This time, I let my thumb just graze her crotch. She sighed and raised her bum just a fraction. I took a quick peek through the windows in the door and listened hard. No one was around. I applied a little pressure to her crotch over her bikini bottoms. This was obviously what she wanted. 

I could see her wetness and, even with the scent of the oil, I could smell her. I moved slightly, so I was standing level with her waist. Then I slipped my hand into her bikini bottoms and over her bum to her cunt. My fingers were oily, but they slipped inside her so easily. She was, I have to say, very tight. I began a gentle full-length finger fuck. She began rotating her hips to match. Meanwhile, my other hand was on her clit through one side of her bikini. 

It's lovely to make another girl cum, and to feel it too. Each contraction adds more intensity and, if you stretch her just a little when each one hits, it makes it even more intense. I managed to keep her cumming for quite a long time. 

She looked at me with eyes heavy with desire and said again, one word, "You.” I said, "Oh, yes, but not here.” The heat was too much. I added, “Next door."

We both grabbed our towels and walked topless to the steam room

Her tits, if anything, were smaller than mine! Once tucked away in the furthest corner, she said, "Er, how shall we? What do you like?" Hmm, it’s not often a girl asks that. We just seem to know. I got her to sit in the corner, while I sat on her legs facing her with my arms around her neck. Her fingers found my quim,  were soon inside my bikini, and, for that matter, inside me! 

I had discovered by fingering her that she hadn't shaved. I don't mean that she was stubbly, she was natural. Her eyes widened as she felt my smoothness. She had two fingers in me and was just finger fucking me. Then her hand found my clit and I came on her in a matter of seconds. 

Afterwards, I learned that her name was Kate and she has never done anything sexual with another girl before. Never. Nothing at all. She had not even kissed another girl, or touched over clothes as a joke. She wanted to talk about what we'd done and I was happy to. I did tell her, though, that there were far more things two girls could do together; some of which are quite dirty. 

Kate told me that one of her all time fantasies was for someone to watch her masturbate. "It's such a lonely thing, isn't it?" I suggested that she could do it right now, but added, "You have to be naked. Just slip your bottoms off. It will feel much sexier knowing someone could come in at any moment.” 

She lowered her bikini to her ankles but didn't take it off. Then she spread her knees. I'd forgotten how lovely a natural quim could look. Maybe I'll stop shaving mine for a while. Kate began to rub her clit and never once did she take her soft green eyes off mine. Then, she licked the middle finger of her left hand. At first, I thought it was going inside her but, no, instead she pushed it up her bum. "I love it like this," she moaned. 

I watched her intently. How I managed to keep myself sitting still I'll never know. Every inch of me wanted to be over there and lick her out. She slipped both feet out of the bikini and put them on the bench either side of her and that gave me an uninterrupted view of her shagging her bum with her finger. Then her widening eyes told me she was about there. 

The orgasm made her whole body convulse. I was delighted to see a spurt, then another, then a much longer one leap from her cunt. That one hit my leg. I reached down and scooped it up. Mmmmmm, pure girl cum.

Then we put our bikinis back on and just sat and talked. 

This was Kate’s first time doing anything with a girl, but I suspect it would not be the last. She has had a boyfriend but that was years ago, saying, "My first and last." She's too busy, she says, to have a relationship. "The sex was great, although I wanted to do things he wouldn't."

I thought, “Oh really? Tell me more!”

She went on, "Well, as you've guessed, I like it, mmmm, well, I like it up the bum more than in my pussy. He did it once and it was pure heaven. But after, he said it made him feel like he was gay, and that if he wanted to fuck arses, he would find a guy. So about three months later, we finished." I wondered if she fantasizes about girls when she masturbates? "Yes, sometimes. When my boyfriend went down on me, sometimes I'd imagine it was another girl doing it to me. One time, well, he didn't know this, and I guess it was a bit creepy of me, but one time we'd had a lot of wine and smoked a joint, and I'd "borrowed" a pair of my roommate’s panties. He'd always said how hot she was, so I'd taken them from her laundry. While we had sex, he'd smelled them while he fucked me. Anyway, at one point, I asked him to suck me off. We usually did that before he fucked me again and came in me, while he was down there, I smelled her panties. The orgasm was so intense! After, as usual, he fucked me until he spunked." 

I have no doubt Kate is at least exploring, or may even be bi. “So, would you? Would you go down on another girl?" She paused a while, thinking it over. "Yes, yes I think I would. Yes. Definitely." I then asked if she would let a girl go down on her. She responded, “I don't know. I'd worry I might squirt in her mouth. I squirt a lot, and sometimes, it's not just squirt, you know?" Of course, I told her that it wouldn't matter a jot; that it's very common and I have yet to meet a girl who minds. 

Yes, I did suggest that we could grab a tanning room and do something. When she asked what, I said "Well, let's suck each other off. You want to. I want to." Kate said, "This is awfully mean, but, well, I'd like to suck you off, but I don't know if I want to be sucked off right now."

Ok. So, we ended up in a sunned room and she was wrong. She DID want to be sucked off, twice. For a total beginner, she has one hell of a tongue. 



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