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At the Pool - An Erotic Adventure

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Man meets woman in mid-fifties ,they have very erotic relationship and hot sex


I swim daily at an outdoor pool. It's hot here in Tel Aviv so you can swim all year round. I usually arrive, put some cream on my upper back and face and get straight into the pool and swim a couple of kilometres.Mainly freestyle augmented by a bit of backstroke. After my swim, I like to either sit or lie on a lounger for fifteen minutes or so before getting showering and getting changed. I have a few friends who swim at my time and we chat.

Today, the pool is fairly quiet. It's the end of the vacation period and most of the tourists have gone home.
At the end of my swim, I got out and dried my face and body,moved my bag so I could lie out on a lounger.I'd had a latish night so was a little tired. There are a few rather vain young women and men who sunbathe regularly and with whom I have little conversation.Anyway, I don't get turned on by younger women. I'm in my early fifties and I don't believe in making a fool of myself. And,honestly,they don't attract me, aesthetics apart.

I noticed a woman in her mid-fifties,beautiful figure getting into the pool. She had shoulder length gray hair and a really shapely rear and longish legs. She wore a one piece cut high over the hips and it accentuated her litheness. Perhaps I looked at her a little too long as she turned her head and noticed me staring. She tied her hair back,stretched a silver swim cap over her head and placing her goggles on, eased herself into the water and pushed off and swam beautifully. I lay back,closed my eyes and soaked the warm sunlight into my damp body.

I am very fit,slim. I swim every day and have for many,many years. I find that sexually, while not as potent as I was as a young man, I have amazing staying power and what I lack in "repeat session" I more than make up for in sustaining myself when making love.

I was thinking about a lover I once had, who I'd met here many years ago .How she would ride me and get totally carried away,oblivious to anything other than her own feelings,my hard penis inside her, till she reached an incredible and rather noisy climax. My penis started to harden slightly with the thoughts and the warm sun on my moist trunks. I heard a rustle next to me and, opening my eyes,saw the gray haired woman drying herself after her swim. She then lay on the lounger next to mine,her head propped up by the raised back. I hoped she hadn't noticed the slight bulge in my trunks ,the result of my thoughts.I looked at her and she smiled.

"Good swim?"

"The water is so nice here."

She had a rather deep and husky voice and I was immediately turned on by this.

"I haven't seen you here before"

" I'm here on a short business trip. Are you a regular ?"

"Yes I live here."

"That would explain your tan," she smiled.

" I don't really sunbathe but I swim here every day so I do pick up a tan, I guess."

She smiled again saying, "It suits you."

"You swim really well. I was watching you."

" I noticed," She laughed.

"You're very attractive, I"m sorry if I was staring."

"That's fine. To be honest I'd noticed you earlier. I'd seen you swimming too. You're a good swimmer"


"I'm Cindy."


She gave me her hand. Our first touch I looked in her eyes as I took it and she gave me a very warm smile. I felt that feeling in the stomach when there's immediate mutual attraction. We chatted about life, about her home town of Philidelphia and that she would be visiting Tel Aviv fairy regularly as her company had a partnership with a local firm designing software for architects and real estate projects. As I'm an architect, we found we had much in common. We agreed to meet that evening for dinner.

I picked her up at eight at her hotel,a small boutique hotel in the trendy Sheinkin area of Tel Aviv
She looked fantastic in a simple white chemise and black mini,flats and some lovely silver drop earings.She was very natural,a natural beauty,in fact.She wore her hair pulled back and it highlighted her high cheekbones. We dined in a stylish restaurant called the Achshavi, meaning contemporary in Hebrew. We talked continuously through dinner.I found her charming,funny and sexy, in the real sense of the word.

Walking back to her hotel, she took my arm, something I love.

When we arrived back,standing outside, we kissed. She slipped her toungue immediately inside my mouth and our toungues swirled around each other.I was very turned on and she felt my hardness against her stomach.

"Come in" she whispered in my ear, following the words with a little bite on my lobe.

As we reached her room we kissed again.I was just so hard,I was embarrassed a little.I felt very turned on by her. As we kissed she placed her right palm against my hardness and pushed,relieving me temporarily. Again, a movement I love and that of an experienced woman. I unbuttoned her beautiful white shirt.Her breasts were lightly contained by a lace bra. She unfastened herself and her lovely breasts fell forward.She was still quite firm for her age .But there was a little more fall than a younger woman,which I also found very appealing. It made her just right for me physically.

She unbuttoned my shirt and nuzzled against my chest and kissed my nipples,then toungued them.I found this amazingly arousing and I was now rock hard. She took her right breast and rubbed it against me and then against my nipples,first left then right. She then lowered her skirt revealing white panties that were very sheer and through which I could see her dark bush,very prominent. I undid my pants and took them off. I was wearing small briefs and they barely contained my very erect and penis.The crown was pushing the waistband up and outwards. She moved against me and kissed me deeply ,sliding her hand under my waistband

"I don't want you to come quickly and I want you to do something for me first," she whispered?

She pulled her panties down and we moved to bed. She pulled me toward her and looked down. With her fingers she parted her vagina lips.

"Lick me there," she asked.

I slid down her body and immediately licked her opened lips,which were as wet as I was hard.I get especially turned on by cunnilingus and I could almost have come just doing this. She began to moan. I began stabbing my toungue inside her and she was very,very wet..Her vaginal juices were over my lips and chin. I alternated the forays into her vagina with gently licking her very raised clitoris. While doing this I held her wonderful buttocks in each hand.

At some point,feeling her wetness reaching the central area between her buttocks, I moved the area of my hand between my thumb and forefinger in her crack.This made her moan and I then began using the side of my forefinger to massage her anus,which was extremely wet from her vaginal juices dripping down mixed with my saliva. She began to tremble and I could tell that she was very near climax.

I began licking her clitoris again,this time continuously. At the same time I massaged her anus with two fingers and just as I felt her body stiffen I gently let my forefinger enter her rear passage. It was enough to tip her over and she started to climax. She also started to ejaculate large amounts of vaginal fluid as I kept the tip of my tounge tip firmly on her clitoris.Her orgasm was impossibly long and her fluid kept on coming.

My penis was throbbing like crazy and I could feel pre-come ejaculating .

As I moved my mouth from her vagina she immediately turned upside down and plunged my penis into her mouth. I then had her vagina at my mouth and began to tongue her wonderful,saturated pussy again.
She swirled her mouth around the crown and I immediately shot my load,pulsing heavily into her mouth.She gulped me down and then hardened her mouth over her teeth and effectively pulled every last drop out of me by pulling me with her hardened lips,her tongue hot against the underside of my prick.

"Wow," I said.

"You're amazing," she said. What a wonderful thing to say, I thought.

Waking in the early morning light, I reached for her. She lay perfectly still,eyes closed and her long lashes prominent as I looked at her beautiful face. She stirred and snuggled next to me,laying her arm across my chest. She smelt wonderful; of sleep; of womanhood.

I nuzzled her neck and touched her breasts.Her nipples were soft and I circled her left breast with my palm.

"That feels good," she said.

There's nothing as arousing as a woman aroused for a man. We kissed ,and she moved on to me, kissing me all the while and immediately straddled me. Our kissing became heated,our tongues entwined. She reached down and moved my rock hard penis inside her. As she did this she started rocking herself on me,her hands on my chest to support herself.

Her movement increased as she became more excited and I I felt my penis moving inside her, rolling with her movement as she became more and more excited.Her eyes were closed and she was rocking me and simultaneously contracting her vaginal muscles. I could tell she was very close to orgasm. Her fluids were soaking me, coming down on my testicles and I was incredibly aroused and ready to shoot my load.

She began to moan loudly and as she did I couldn?t hold on any longer and came in hot,spasms,pushing myself up into her vagina. She came heavily,her juices now soaking me and lowered her face on to mine to kiss me deeply.

"You're amazing." she said. I feel I can let myself go completely with you.

"You did," I said. We both laughed and lay in each others arms.



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