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At the Pool

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Hi Soloists, I hope you enjoy my story. Cheers.


My wife, Kylie is a nurse at the local hospital. She had quite often talked about one of the younger nurses at the hospital that was one of the more friendly people at the hospital, mentioning how pretty she is. She and my wife seemed to get on very well. One warm summer Saturday morning Kylie and I were sitting out on the patio beside our swimming pool when Kylie said that Becky (the young nurse from the hospital) might drop around to visit us. Not long after that there was a knock on the door, which Kylie answered. It was Becky and she had just arrived from the beach. It was quite hot now, so Kylie suggested that Becky have a swim in our pool. Becky began to smile and then said that she did not have her swimming suit with her as she had been at the nude beach that morning. Kylie suggested that it would OK for Becky to swim naked and that if she liked Kylie and I would get naked too.
Becky was a gorgeous blond girl with long legs, slim body, small perky boobs and a fully shaven pussy. My wife is 35 years old and looks fantastic. She actually looked a bit like Becky when she was younger. She has really looked after herself and looked great next to this younger girl. Kylie also shaves her pussy so when Becky noticed her bald beaver she said it was unfair that I was the only one with pubes, she then suggested that Kylie get some shaving gear and that they should remove all of my pubic hair. I just about had a heart attack at the thought of these great looking girls working on my groin. I was having enough trouble as it was keeping my cock from standing to attention.
Kylie and Becky went of to get the shaving gear while I swam up and down the pool trying to work out how I was going to cope with the attention that was about to be paid to my private parts. The girls soon returned with scissors, a bowl of hot water, shaving cream and a new blade. The girls told me to relax and that they had done this procedure many a time in the hospital and that they had never lost a patient yet. First of all Kylie trimmed my pubes with the scissors and then washed the area with the warm water. Becky lathered up the shaving soap and then proceeded to brush it all over my pubic area. She then commenced to shave while my wife pulled my cock from side to side to get it out of the way of the blade and then stretched my ball bag to allow Becky to shave it. This whole process took between 10 and 15 minutes and when the girls had wiped me clean I was left with a completely bald pubic area and a raging hard-on. Kylie said she thought it looked great. She then said I better do something about my hard-on and asked if I wanted to masturbate. I went bright red with embarrassment, however Becky said she would love to watch me masturbate. I was beginning to think that I might have been set up, as Kylie seemed keen for me to put on a show. It seemed that I had no other alternative, so I lay back on the pool lounge and started to slowly stoke my stiff cock. Becky was fascinated by what I was doing and sat on a chair opposite me giving me an excellent view of her shaven pussy. As I continued to stroke away, Becky's hand found it's way to her pussy and she started to slowly massage her clit with her index finger with a circular motion. While I was engrossed in my stroking I had not noticed that Kylie had been watching what Becky was up to and was following suit. This was driving me mad, the fact that I was masturbating in front of two beautiful women while they were both rubbing away at their shaven pussies. As I reached my climax, Becky suggested that I cum on Kylie's tits, which seemed a good idea to me. To do this I had to stand up while continuing to masturbate and walk over to where Kylie was sitting. I was losing control as I came, however I was able to get it all over Kylie's tits. Becky then jumped up and began to suck my cum off Kylie's tits. She then grabbed Kylie's hand and led her to the pool for a swim. We all needed a swim to cool off after that.



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