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At the Lake: Two Brothers and Their Dad

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Love this site! Here is a good story!


Well this happened to me during the fourth of July weekend. My family and some friends of theirs decided to go to the lake for the day. When we got there, we set everything up and then we all went for a swim. While I was there I couldn't help noticing how many hot guys and girls there were. (I have officially marked myself Bi) It was a really hot Oklahoma day so all the guys were shirtless, and most of the women were wearing skimpy bikinis. But mostly the two people I was looking the most at were the sons of one of the friends of my parents. I'd rather not say their names, but they were really hot. One was 14, and the other 12. Both were from Cuba and had cute Cuban accents. They were both skinny/buff. They had the cutest large sized nipples. And they were both as tan and dark as two hot sizzling steaks on a hot afternoon. Their dad was just as hot except he was bigger, as I would find out later.

Anyway after a day of swimming and eating, it was time for us to go. So we all went off to the showers to scrub ourselves before we left. Apparently me and the two brothers were the last to take our showers. I went to the bathroom and I turned on the hot water. Then I started to rub myself with the soap and as soon as I reached my groin it wasn't long until the memories of the hot people I had seen that day flooded back to me and my dick started to rise at high speed.

I decided since no one else was there I decided I should relieve myself. I was just about to reach climax when as fate should have it, the two brothers came into the bathroom. The shower was already off so they had no idea I was in there. I stared at them through the crack of the shower door as they started to strip. They were talking about all the hot girls they had seen. Their dicks started to rise and got as hard as mine already was. They both decided that they should get rid of their boners. They started to jerk like crazy, in rhythm with me. Then one of the brothers meet eyes and alarmed his other brother of my presence. I came out expecting some kind of painful experience. Instead they said since I had already seen them, I should join. They said it wasn't gay since most guys did it sooner or later. So we all started to jerk.

We took our time, and then fate once again reared it's ugly face for their father then arrived at the bathrooms. He looked at us, first surprised ant then smiled at us. He said he like how his sons were starting to become young men and decided he shouldn't ruin such a wonderful memory and should in fact make it better. So he took off his shirt to reveal his buff buddy, and lowered his shorts to reveal a HUGE hard-on. He started to jerk like crazy as we all watched in amazement. He moaned and groaned and yelled until finally he cummed as white, sticky fluid started to fly everywhere. He panted slightly as he recovered from his orgasm. And it wasn't long until all three of us took handfuls of his cum and used it as lube. We all groaned as we all reached climax, we pointed our dicks at each other and started squirting our covering our faces, chests, and stomachs. I had never felt such a strong orgasm.

We all took a shower together and left the bathroom as of nothing had happened. It hasn't been mentioned among us since though I hope for a similar experience next year.



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