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At the Gym

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Recent events from the gym


I recently got back into the gym after a long rehab of some torn muscles preventing me from being able to enjoy my work. What an exciting first week back. Some older faces still there, some nodded in my direction, while the newer faces, and asses, were also a pleasure to see!

There was this one girl. Tall, dark hair, thin, perky and long hair bunched in a neat pony tail. Oh, and she was wearing those thigh high cut shorty shorts and a black tank top. She wasn't bad to look at.

I made my way around the different stations, warming up a bit before making my way on to the treadmill. I needed to take it easy and get some cardio going. In the middle of my cardio session she walks in and gets on the machine almost directly in front of me. She puts her water bottle in the holder and starts pressing buttons when she stops, and bends in half at the waist to tie her shoe. Why can't she have squatted down and done that!?!?!? She has to bend like that right in front of me? Oh bless her little soul! I nearly fell off my machine looking at that sight.

I admit, I stared at her. Long and hard. I started to fantasize a bit about her life and what it might have been like to grow up that beautiful. I quickly thought of her with a female cousin, or female neighbor she went to school with playing Doctor in her room one summer day. Then I imagined she was from a wealthy family that could afford a poll and property that allowed her to tan au natural in the backyard, maybe skinny dipping with her high school boyfriends.

Maybe today she is a nurse, and works odd shifts allowing her to be in the gym on a day like today, at this hour. Boy, would I love to have a full physical with her in the room.

I continued to work out, at various stations around the gym. It seemed like, to me, that every time I turned around she was following me around the gym and not more than ten feet from me. I would move to another side of the gym, and she would follow me within a minute or two.

That is until I wrapped up my session and went for the showers. Maybe she was going to hit the showers? What if the women's showers were out of order and she had to come over and shower in the menís shower? Nah. that is pushing the fantasy a little too much.

So, off to the locker room. I strip down. Grab my shower gear and walk towards the showers. I start to notice there is maybe one other guy in the locker room. Usually the place is packed. At least 10 or 15 people milling around. I set my stuff in front of a shower head along the inside wall. I rinse off and notice no one is in the steam room. The sign says that proper attire is to be worn, but I see naked guys in there all the time. No one ever complains. So why not give it a try. I walk into the steam room and sit down and enjoy the moment, when I start thinking of little miss shorty shorts and her being a nurse, seeing me naked, while she sponge bathes me in the hospital. Her uniform is getting wet and she doesn't have a spare set with her so she has to get naked with me in the shower.

I start to get hard. Time to shower and leave the gym.

I go back to my shower head and I'm still rock hard. It won't go away. I start to stroke it, while watching for shadows, which means someone is coming into the shower room. I just can't do it in here. What if I get caught jerkin off in the communal showers? I could lose my membership, and never have a chance to see her work out again.

I quickly finish soaping up, rinse and dry off as my boner subsides.

I headed home to finish my workout in the privacy of my own home.



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