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At the Beach

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a true story of many nights in Java


When I was working in Asia, I loved going to the seaside for the weekends. I had a favourite spot in West Java, overlooking the ruins of Krakatoa volcano, just off the coast.

Over the months, I got to know a few of the guys selling drinks and films on the beach to earn a little pocket money, and I took a few out for a meal at a sea food restaurant, but they had a good idea what I'd like for late supper, and didn't hang around, mainly as they were with a couple of friends, and wouldn't admit to any gay interests even if they'd had the urge. At night they would sleep on the beach or in one of the little sea-side shops, where they would be bitten all night by mosquitoes. Most of these folk are from an ethnic group which has the most handsome guys you could imagine.

However, there was one particularly cute guy, Ali, who I often bought my drinks from, and usually extras which I shared with him. His family were poor farmers and he was hoping to go to University soon. I invited Ali to dinner a couple of times, but didn't push him for any favours

Eventually my luck changed, and after a long day at the beach, I wandered back to my hotel room which was all of five minutes from the sea, and down the brick path to my room, which was surrounded by shrubs and bush behind. Much to my surprise, Ali stepped out from behind some shrubs and gave me a big smile. He'd obviously seen me heading back, made a short-cut and was waiting for me, away from prying eyes. I asked him up to my room, not expecting him to follow me, but he came up, and put his tray of films and goodies down. I wasn't going to push my luck, and was quite happy to have him join me for a meal, if nothing else. He disappeared into the bathroom and after a good deal of splashing in the bak mandi, was soon out, gleaming all over. (Like most Asians, a delightfully cool way of washing is to use a plastic ladle and pour cold water from a water tank over yourself. You only use the water you need, and the tank slowly fills from a small tap ready for the next user.)

I deliberately chose a restaurant away from the beach so that Ali's friends wouldn't see him, and I made sure he had a large plate of healthy grilled fish and vegies. After we'd eaten, we wandered back to the hotel, and to be honest, I thought Ali would now collect his tray and head off. But no, and to my amazement, he asked if he could sleep over. I didn't need any convincing, and told him to choose any of the six mattresses. My gear was on one, and he chose the one next to me. At least, the guy would be free of mosquitoes for one night, as they were ravenous outside.

So I modestly went into the bathroom and changed into some tattered shorts I used to sleep in, and Ali dropped his jeans and lay down on the mattress. Again, I wasn't going to push myself onto this lad, but when I got onto my mattress, he scrabbled over and lay next to me, and of course, I realised that the night might not be as solitary as anticipated.

I turned around facing Ali, and gave him a gentle hug, and he had his arms around me, and we then started to kiss. I don't know if this was a first for him, or maybe he'd practised with his friends, but he knew what he was doing, and as we kissed, our cocks rose together and were soon rubbing and grinding together. I went over to the door and checked that it was locked and also turned the light out no bed lamps in this one-star joint. I fumbled my way back onto the mattresses, and into Ali's waiting arms, where we did some more kissing and hugging. I felt down and squeezed his hard cock, and Ali did the same to me.

Then he scooted up the bed with his back against the wall, and pulled down his last item of clothing, leaving his cock upstanding, and Ali gently put his hand behind my head and pushed me down towards what the Indonesians call "adik kecil" little brother.

I gave him a few tentative licks, and then put my lips around his cock and went down as far as I could. He was not all that big, and my nose was soon into his curly black pubes. Being a native Indonesian, he was cut, and I only regretted that it was dark and couldn't see what I was enjoying. Ali was gently moaning to himself, and seemed to be enjoying what was happening. Whether he had done this before or not, I didn't know, but he didn't last long.

He suddenly started bucking into my mouth and his moans grew louder and then he stopped the calm before the storm, as he gave one long moan and his juice shot into my mouth. It wasn't a lot, but it was pleasantly sweet, and I savoured this as he slowly sank back onto the mattress. We didn't do any cum swapping or cum kisses; I was happy just to hold him close to me and feel his once hard cock slowly wilt.

I went to the bathroom and had a quick rinse and back into bed. Ali reached over and started pumping my little brother with his hand, and I soon shot a large load over my stomach, and then another trip to the bathroom to rinse off. On my return, Ali spooned up next to me, and in the moist tropic air, we slept with nothing on no sheet, no clothes. Just his flaccid cock against my back, and we slept the sleep of angels.

We rose early as folk do in this climate, and Ali washed and dressed and prepared for another day on the hot beach. I offered him some money, but he made it clear that he didn't do what we did for money. I was happy that he was not the usual rent-boy, but asked him to take something to use for school costs, which he did.



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