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At the Bar

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At the Bar
This is a very memorable masturbation experience I recently had that might be fun for your readers.
I'm a guy. I was on my way home from work about 9 in the evening when I decided to stop in a bar for a couple of quick drinks. I entered and took a stool at the bar. I had one beer and just started on my second when a cute gal came up to me and asked if I would buy her a drink. She was obviously a bar fly pushing drinks. There was a stripper at the other end of the room doing her thing.
I told her that I was just on my way home. She looked at me with a couple of sad eyes and leaned on the bar so that her very ample tits pushed upwards in her very low cut dress. She had an exotic perfume on. I responded with her come-on gesture by saying, "OK, just one drink then I gotta go."
It happened that I was wearing a jumper. I worked a late shift at a freight handler and transfer company. We all wore jumpers at work. The jumper had pockets and also an opening at each side behind the pockets so that you could access your pants pockets underneath, if needed. I had no pants on underneath the jumper, however.
I asked the lady if she wouldn't mind reaching into my jumper pocket to get the money for the drinks. I wanted to see how brave she was. With this suggestion, she slipped her hand in, not in my pocket where the money was, but in the opening just behind the pocket... In went her hand to my private parts. We were at the end of the bar and it was very dim lighting so no one could see us.
I had boxer shorts on. Her hand slid very slowly toward my prick which started to spring to life at her touch. She let her hand gently caress my cock through the fabric of my shorts for a few minutes. Needless to say I was getting excited. I took a sip from my beer bottle as I enjoyed what the lady was doing to me, or should I say, doing for me.
After a bit, her hand began to search for the fly of my boxers. She found it and put her hand in, grasping my now hard cock. She squeezed it gently. Then she went to my balls. I opened my legs a bit so she could have better access. She pulled my cock and balls out through my boxer's fly. I could feel her long fingernails dig gently into my skin as her hand caressed my balls and prick. She played with my tools for several minutes then she began to move my foreskin up and down the shaft, masturbating me. She knew what she was doing. After about six strokes I began to feel cum coming on. I turned to her and looked her in the eyes. Our faces were just inches apart. And the perfume... This was all it took. I shot my wad. She held her hand over the end of my cock to keep the cum somewhat contained. She then pulled her hand out, wiping the jizz off on a napkin on the counter.
After she pulled her hand out I reached into my jumper pants and pulled out a twenty, the money I expected her to get earlier to pay for the drink. I handed her the twenty, kissed her on the forehead, and left.
I will never forget that night.



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