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At My Husband's Request

Posted by: Author: Age: 33 Posted on: 7 comments
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My husband has chronic arthritis and can't give me the "fuck me through the bed" that sometimes I need. Over the years this hasn't seemed to be a problem though. Recently, he said that he regrets not being able to give me what I want. He suggested that I might like this service from another man. I was surprised to find that, far from being repulsed, I was turned on by the idea. I wasn't sure I wanted to go all the way though. It's one thing to be given permission to go ahead, quite another to do it.

Then I found myself in a situation where it certainly could have happened. I had gone for a drink with some work colleagues and a man, let's call him Adam, was flirting with me. Since I had driven him there I also had to drive him home. In the car I decided that I would see if I could get physical with another man after all these years. Adam was still flirting with me and eventually he sighed and said "He's a lucky guy. But then whoever gets his hands in your panties is lucky." Pulling into a layby on the deserted country road I was in I said. "Well, it seems to me that YOU could be lucky tonight." For some reason, I didn't want to kiss him. I just pushed my drivers seat right back and opened my legs. Adam rubbed his hand up and down my thigh and way before he got anywhere near my panties, I was really wet.

Finally, he pulled my panties to one side and ran his finger up and down my wet slit. Now, I am usually not very sensitive in the clit area, but oh, how I love a long hard and fast finger fuck! Adam pressed two fingers deep inside me and immediately found my g-spot. I got that "need to pee" feeling almost at once and then he fingered me for all I was worth. I felt my world shatter and I came hard on his hand. I also... well, I don't know if I squirted like I hear so many women do, or in fact peed myself. All I know is that I was soaked, as was the seat and carpet of the car which smelled strongly of sex. Of course, I had to give Adam something and I unzipped his cock. The first cock I had seen other than my husband's for 12 years. I started to masturbate him, but soon I knew I wanted more than that. I know I can't write about it here, so you will have use your imagination if I just say that he didn't cum in the car and we didn't need any tissues afterwards!

Later that night, I got home and my husband knew at a glance that something had happened. I told him all about it as this was the deal. He didn't want to find out, he wanted me to tell him so I did. In seconds, we were all over each other. I wanted him so much and, despite his illness he gave me that what I never thought I would get from him.

Last night, I told him that I wanted to see him inside another girl. He asked me if I know of anyone. The thing is, I do. He doesn't know it, but a work colleague of his who he talks about often once said that she fancies him so I phoned her and asked her if she would be interested. Kate said that she would be and tonight, she is coming round for dinner with us. Kate is a lot younger than my husband but has a real thing about older men. I know that I want to see them in action. I may even join in with them. You see, sometimes, I have fantasized about another woman, I have never done anything about it. Maybe I should try that too. Kate said that it is ok with her if I want to join in. Ah well. It looks like being a lovely evening!



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