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At Lunch Today

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Not one, but two ladies flashed me at lunch today. 

After eating turkey for several days, I wanted something different for lunch today.  There is a restaurant about ten miles away that I wanted to try.  Arriving about 1:45 pm, the place was still busy so I was seated at a table against the wall.  Dining alone, I hate being seated at one of the interior tables.  As I was taking my seat, the server was delivering at least the second round of margaritas to two well dressed thirty-something women.  One of them asked if I was waiting for someone to join me, but no, I’m dining alone, I replied.  Then I mentioned that my wife has dementia and she is in a memory care facility and I have a new male friend that I go to lunch with once or twice week but he couldn’t join me today. (More on the male friend in another story).  


When I finally got my order, the women were nearly finished with theirs and enjoying a third margarita.  The weather was cold this morning but it warmed up  to 60 degrees so I was wearing shorts over boxer briefs. The lady sitting nearest me remarked, with a giggle, that she could see my underwear.  The shorts rode up a bit exposing the hem of the briefs.  “Well, then you have to show me yours “.  By that time, the restaurant  had emptied out quite a bit,  so she pulled her dress up and showed me that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.  Both ladies started laughing drawing attention from the few remaining diners. When they calmed down, I asked the other one to show me hers.  Since she was facing me, she took a quick glance over her shoulders then raised her skirt giving me a good view.  I told her that I’ve always thought black undergarments were sexy.  She said that she wasn’t wearing any underwear either then she raised her skirt again, spread her legs a little wider, showing me a glorious bush and glimpse of pussy. The friend said “waiter” so she quickly dropped her skirt.  The waiter gave them their check and they had a little trouble getting up to leave. I asked if they were driving but they assured me that an Uber driver was waiting for them.  Wishful thinking had them asking me to join them at a nearby hotel for some wild sex, but it never happened.  The next best thing did happen.  When I asked the waiter for my check, he told me that the ladies paid for my lunch and gave him a very nice tip.  



At 75 years old, getting flashed at lunch ranks right there with some nooners with the wife and a few bj’s from a coworker who just loved sucking dick.  It was the first time in about 25 years that I jerked off in my car.  Then again for the second time today after I got home.   



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