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At a Funeral? Seriously?

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My first funeral. My aunt has been ill for a while. No one said quite what, but I’m guessing it was cancer. anyway, she died quite suddenly. It was only about a month since I’d seen her and she seemed to be ok then.  


My mom was devastated, naturally, and there were like a million people at the funeral home. It was open casket, although it took me some time to pluck up the courage to go look. I’ve heard stories about how people look horrid. 

My aunt didn’t though. She looked a lot younger than I’d seen her, and peaceful. They did a good job. 

So I'm mixing and mingling, taking to people, and then I met Mary. Mary is my aunt's daughter. She, too was upset.

We hugged and she cried a little.....not as much as I thought she might though....then she asked if she could talk to me privately. 

My aunt wasn’t social. Se kept herself to herself, and she kept. Mary even closer. No boyfriends for Mary....no nothing for Mary. 

Outside, we found ourselves a bench in th grounds and Mary, to my surprise, lit up a cigarette. “That fucking bitch wouldn’t let me smoke... wouldn’t let me do anything.” Then Mary launched into a foul-mouthed tirade at just how abusive her mom was. 

It ended with “Look....just LOOK at this....and this was last week!” She nicked up her black dress and turned sideways on, pulling her panties down a little way. There were weal marks on her hip! Right over the most painful part, her hip bone! “Fucking Hell, Mary! Seriously? 

Thats when she showed me the healed burns. Little, round, viscious things that came from cigarettes, apart from one on her uppher front left thigh. This looked like little circles, one inside the other. “Car cigarette lighter.” Said Mary. I was 13, and was ten minutes late out from Hockey. She thought I’d been up to no good.

My aunt. My lovely, caring, Christian Catholic aunt was a child abuser! Like most abused people, Mary had remained loyal to her abuser. “These aren’t tears of grief” she said “they are tears  for the relationship we never had. And she broke down.

I held her too me tightly.

And then, when the wave had subsided, Mary kissed me. Deeply. Passionately. She had no way of knowing that I’m ok with GIrl on Girl, but it didn’t matter. This was.....no....this HAD to be about her. Nothing else mattered in that moment, 

I kissed her right back. 

“Over here” I said. There was an area of trees and I knew two things. One, we wouldn’t be seen, and two, we wouldn’t need long.

In the trees Mary kissed me like her life depended on it. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me. Working her dress up at the back I found black lace panties. Nothing special, but then Mary would never have had the chance to buy anything sexy. I slipped a hand over her ass and she pushed her hand between my legs. She was inside my panties in a second and her eyes opened wide when she found I was smooth down there.

But then I moved around to her pussy. Thickly haired (although I suspect by tonight it won’t be) and her clit. Hard....much MUCH bigger than mine....almost like a tiny dick. 

She was wet, but nothing like I get, and inside.......inside....I clearly felt a hymen! Nothing wrong with that....until I learned that my bitch cunt of an Aunt would regularly inspect Amy to make sure it was still there.

Suddenly, I was inflamed with the same anger Mary felt. 

I made sure she was wet enough and then pushed two fingers firmly inside. She cried out, but pushed against me. 

It didn’t take her long to cum. Too many years of repression, or stolen moments in bed or in the bathroom, or...anywhere....

I didnt cum. It didn’t matter. Mary was the important one. She needed the attention more than I did. 

We straightened ourselves up and walked back. Mary suddenly realised “Oh....I didn’t make you....” I told her that’s ok. Then she said “I didn’t even think that you might not be.....”again, o brushed her concern aside. 

“I’m not even sure I am” she said. I told her not to worry. It was what she needed in that moment, 

“I’m not going back in there” she said “I’m not going to the mass either. That’s the last the church has seen of me.”

I asked her what she would do. She didn’t even hesitate. “I’m going to sell everything, and move as far away from here as I can.”

It turned out, she didn’t. Her bitch mother had left every single thing to her beloved church. The house she left as a personal gift to the priest! And no, he didn’t feel the Christian duty to let Mary live there for a while.

Back Home I wondered about what had happened. Oh sure, there was a shitload of pent up frustration there, both sexual and emotional, but why it should suddenly, at that moment burst out I don’t know. It was at the moment she showed me the painful wounds my aunt had inflicted. Maybe there was more to it than just pain? I know I like pain sometimes, but I also know it has to be at my request...when I’m ready and willing for it to happen. 

As soon as she showed me that burn, that was when she kissed me so hard and urgently. She cried, howled with anguish and then......

I didn’t even think when I deflowered her. Fuck, I didn’t even ask. I feel bad about that. She didn’t complain though, and she did cum. I know, not good enough in the excuse Department really, but, well, I guess you had to be there. Raw emotions, anger, on both sides. 

I found myself thinking of Mary and her deprived, depraved childhood. Her emergence into womanhood, and her terrified mother. Terrified at what he daughter was developing into, and her fear at what she and boys might do. Terrified at being discovered as a child abuser too, I imagine. But I also imagined Mary alone, horny, finding the odd time, maybe only seconds, to get herself off.

Slowly, my hand reached between my legs, and I sought the orgasm I didn’t have. 



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