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Asleep on the Train

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A long train journey.....a window seat.....and a warm sleepy feeling.


i wasn’t feeling particularly horny when I got on the train. In fact, I wasn’t horny in the least. Why would I be? I’d just had my annual appraisal, and trust me, nothing in this process is arousing! My supervisor hasn’t got an erotic bone in his body.

On the upside, two weeks vacation follows! (Yay) So, im on the train. There were a few other people dotted around the carriage, but it was a long way from full. I chose a seat by the window and settled down for my four hour ride. 

I ran through the appraisal again (all very favorable, but not as generous as it could have been.) and the thought about the targets set for the coming year. I guess the sun and the movement of the train rocked me into semi consciousness because I found my mind wandering and then.......

Then I had the most delicious erotic dream. It included both romantic and erotic elements, including some things I’ve yet to try, but I suppose that’s what dreams are for really. The train didn’t feature at all in the dream, but I guess the movement of it did because in the dream, I was being passed from person to person. 

I wont tell it in all the detail, the story would be way too long, but essentially, I was passed from man to man, woman to woman, man to woman, woman to man in a crowded room. 

Sometimes I would be touched and fingered, other times I would be fucked briefly, both vaginally and anally. Sometimes I would have oral sex performed on me, and other times I would be the one sucking dicks or licking pussies. 

The important thing is that none of the people whom touched me brought me to orgasm, although in the dream, I certainly brought them off. The dream consists of me swallowing sperm, having it run freely from my vagina and ass, while the women would either squirt into my mouth or into the palm of my hand or I would feel those wonderful rhythmic contractions against my fingers. 

Each time I was passed on to another lover, my level of arousal grew a notch higher. But, as I say, I didn’t cum in the dream. 

There was a large bump, and I was awake. I’d slipped down in my seat, and there was drool on my chin. Also, my legs were open. I was wet as fuck as well. I suppose I would be, having a dream like that. My clit was hard and throbbing fit to explode, and my vagina was desperate for something inside it. 

The delicious thought occurred that maybe, while I was asleep, all the other people in the carriage had had me. (Clearly they hadn’t, but what the hell......) 

I got up, brushed myself down and found the toilet. I just took my panties off and decided they were beyond help, so I tossed them in the trash. Next, two fingers inside me, and a finger from my other hand in my clit and...........

One juicy, wet orgasm later, and I felt much better! Fulfilled.....satisfied.....and every bit of the dream helped. 

Walking back to my seat totally naked under my dress felt deliciously naughty. Although I had plenty of clothes in my suitcase, I decided to enjoy the feeling of being almost naked.

i sat back down and considered a little ‘innocent’ flashing, but discarded that idea for now. Maybe later in a coffee shop or something. 



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