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Appendectomy Shave

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Hospital Shave


Back in the day, pubes were shaved before surgery. There I was, in the hospital bed when the orderly came with the towel, basin, and razor. I was being prepped for surgery the next morning.

Now I do not have a big dick, so he had to work with it and around it.

While he soaped me up, my tummy was jiggling from newness and excitement. I had been jacking off for a few years already, and had pumped my dick between a friend's thighs and scrotum. But this shaving experience was new.

The orderly kept talking; I kept watching--and waited for my small dick to become erect. I tried to be "brave," but I did twitch. No jumping to conclusions now: I did not get there, through he shaved what little the 14-year-old pube had, including underside, balls, and between my legs. I had to ask him: "Do guys ever come while you are shaving them?" His answer was that some leaked pre-cum, others got erections, and most did nothing but submit to the razor.

He dried me off, rinsed me, then dried again, moving that towel over all my little dick and balls. I was being turned on. He looked and me--and told me good luck.

I was in a double-bed room, so had to go down the hall, for a bathroom, for a look at me shaved. There I was, shaved as a newborn. And my dick came to attention. I looked at myself in the mirror and began to run my hands over my new soft skin--and ran the right hand up and down my hardening dick. It was pleasure--despite the thought of surgery the next morning.

My adolescent dick throbbed and throbbed. I had to do it. I wanked, pulled, tugged, slid, used spit, and watched myself in the bathroom mirror as I came with my cum shooting its young milky and clear liquid. I had a great orgasm. Great! One of my best.

You never forget your first. Nor many good ones after.

That was in 1956. The memory is there--and I can relive every stroke of that razor, and that UN-GLOVED hand touching me. I wish now I had let him bring me off. What an opportunity to ask and receive. I know--I could FEEL he would have done it. Ah, those fantasies.

So there I was in the hospital bathroom, with a throbbing bare-naked dick, wanting to do it again. I tried, but could not bring it off.

Often I remember my youth and hardons. Often.

Many years later, while in college, I became a hospital orderly. I shaved many a dick and pubes. Sizes and shapes. Never did anyone come or ask for a hand job. But many guys did ask those questions. And so often I just wanted to grab the soaped dick and rub and slide and jerk off some. Never did. But I had to do myself sometimes after shaving a patient, I was so wet in my shorts.

I know how to shave pubes. And a shaved erection is a beautiful sight. Standing by itself--or being worked to come. Beautiful cum.



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