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Another Way

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by Slurpy

I've submitted a few stories before, telling of some of the different ways I've swallowed/eaten my own cum. I've detailed how I scarfed it from a funnel, eaten it frozen from a cigar tube, dribbled it off my dildo, etc. I'm always looking for a new or different way to "gobble my goo". Since my last story, I've been kind of in a rut as to how to do some major cum swallowing in a new and different way. In fact, I've been somewhat pissed at myself for not having any creativity when it comes to my secretive self indulgence. In any case, that hasn't stopped my from saving my loads. (not all, of course, but certainly many which I document on my freezer door notepad) So, I've been in a rut and I told myself that I wouldn't thaw and eat my precious "saved" loads until I had come up with a satisfactory new method. I like to indulge myself on weekends when I have nothing in particular planned. I looked at my schedule and the next three weekends were all booked, except the Sunday of the third week. That would be my day!! So, I resolved myself to save every drop of cum that I milked from my cock until that weekend. No shooting it into a cumrag, no blasting it onto my chest, or into my hand and enjoying a single load even if it is "fresh". The notepad on my freezer already showed 34 loads. (That's one full caviar jar and another about 1/3 full) That doesn't sound like much, but it's a lot.
So, with 34 crystalline loads of musky cum in the freezer already, I started my 21 day countdown til' my "naughty day". The only problem was.....how was I going to indulge myself in a different way? I had three weeks to come up with a plan. I knew that I had swallowed at least 27 loads in one day before and certainly wanted to outdo that, which shouldn't be a problem since I had 34 loads waiting impatiently in the freezer. But I wanted to really outdo myself this time, so I made another resolution. Jack off at least twice a day (instead of once a day or every other day) until the big day with every load going in the freezer for the culmination of my plan. This should give me an additional 40 loads to relish on my planned day of self indulgence. So, that's exactly what I did. I got up a half hour early every day and jacked off into a shot glass which went straight into the freezer. I also jacked off every night during those three weeks (except weekends) and added it to my stash. During this three week jackfest, I continually racked my brain as to how I was going to slurp down this amazing amount of cum. As I got closer to the day, I went down to jacking off just once a day and totally quit for the two previous days before my plan would culminate.

I ended up with an additional 31 loads which added to the 34 loads I had already, equalled 65 loads!! Sixty five frozen, soon to be thawed, loads of my own juice, just waiting to be consumed by me. The thought of it simply made my mind race. The Friday before, I could'nt stop thinking about it. I bet I opened the freezer 10 times that night and opened one of the jars and took a deep whiff. Salty, musty, sexy. What a tease. I held back the temptation to stroke another load out just to add to the pot. Still, I had not settled on a plan of action for Sunday. Should I mix them all together and take big gulps while jacking off, imagining myself the center of a bukkake fest? Should I pour every load into a bowl and lick them out slowly while I drilled my ass with my dildo? I wasn't even sure I could even swallow 65 thawed loads of cum. I knew if I didn't do them all in one session, I would toss whatever was not consumed. I also knew that if I tried to swallow every load within a very short time, I might not be able to do that. So this is what I did.

After thawing every single load, I mixed them all together in one big jar. I shook them up as best I could so that they all were one big load. I then poured them into small glasses (I ended up with 9 small juice glasses) and distributed them around the house. The last and biggest (approx. 9-10 loads) I put on my nightstand with my dildo resting in it. I then went to the shower and took a hot shower and shaved my ass. When I got out of the shower, there was a glass with cum in it. I downed it like it was a shot. I then went to the den where I had a frosty beer waiting as well as another glass of man juice and some lube and my small dildo. I drank the beer while I lubed my ass and relaxed some. When I finished the beer, I grabbed my small dildo and eased it into my ass. This is fun because my den has a full length mirror and I watched every inch disappear. Once the dildo was all the way in, I took the glass of cum, took a deep whiff, and poured every bit into my mouth. Instead of swallowing immediately, I swished a bit, breathed through my nose and took in the scent and then swallowed. Wow!! What a turn on. I was really getting turned on now. The next few loads went down fairly quickly. I poured the last several drops from a couple of them onto my cock and let them drizzle down into my ass. At each glass I would piston my small dildo in and out of my ass several times and give my cock a stroke and rub my balls. When I went to make my way to my last and final room, (my bedroom with the large glass of cum and my large dildo) I stopped at all my previous stops and gathered up all the glasses I had consumed already. I then proceeded to pour whatever remained into one last glass. It ended up being close to two loads! With that, glass in hand and in the hallway leading to my bedroom, I got on all fours and poured the last couple of loads into a saucer. This I licked from, pushing it forward closer and closer to the bedroom. I knew what awaited me in there. Here I am, dildo in my ass, on all fours, licking my own cum from a plate, 50 plus loads in my stomach, still cum hungry, knowing that there are still several loads awaiting me and not having cum for three days. I started fantasizing about my big dildo in my ass and about shooting some fresh cum into my mouth and I couldn't hold out anymore. I stood up and barged into my bedroom with what remained of the cum on the saucer. My breathing was incredibly heavy as I laid on my bed and thought about all the loads I had swallowed in the last hour or so. With that, I poured my cum from the saucer onto my cock and rubbed it in. I then removed my small dildo and grabbed the glass with my big dildo and cum in it. I held it in front of my face and removed the dildo. Cum was hanging from it in strands and I had to put it back lest I drip too much on my chest. I looked at my cock and it was hard as a rock. Blue veins and a head that was ready to burst. I moved the glass closer to my face and gently pulled the dildo out of collected cum. My cum was pooling in some of the veins on the dildo and I took care that they did not drool off the side. I looked at the glass full of cum and then at the dildo just dripping with my semen, dipped the dildo into my cum one last time and shoved that cum-covered dildo down my throat. I licked it furiously and repeated the process two times. The third time I dipped the dildo into the cum, I took it out and put it right to the opening of my ass. I pressed mildly at first, but then felt my asshole relax and eased the rest of it in. What a feeling!! Slimy cum on my lips and cock, balls full of fresh cum, and a cum covered dildo in my
ass. Not to mention all cum in my stomach. I didn't take long before I felt that familiar feeling at the head of my cock. A few more strokes with the dildo and some fisting of my cock and I was beyond control.
As I always do, I leaned forward to watch the show and was caught full on with a stream of fresh cum right on the lips. I opened my mouth and caught the next blast right on the tongue. After that the rest landed on my chest and simply soaked my hand. I licked and licked my lips trying to get every last drop. It was then that I noticed an enormous glob of cum hanging from my thumb. I was just about to shove my thumb in my mouth when I saw the glass of cum next to me on the bed. I rotated my thumb so that the glob now wrapped around it and brought it to my nose and sniffed. Musk. I then slurped down every last drop of cum from the glass and chased it with the thick juice on my thumb. The cum on my chest I rubbed in and licked from my fingers like a good little boy. What a day!! I outdid myself. On to the next cum mission.



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