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Another Time Another Experience

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The over familiar uncle. 


My mom’s brother is a guy who just attracts bad luck. He owns a car dealership and works hard. But that didn’t stop his wife running off with another guy, and when it came to the legal shit after the divorce, it turned out that none of ‘his’ three kids were his....or even had the same father. 

She came back at him for ‘seconds’ too which ended up with him losing his business. What a bitch. 

Uncle Bob is a fun guy, but I did notice he was always looking at me in ‘that’ way around when my body changed. Partly it creeped me out, but somehow, I dunno, I felt there was something powerful there too, but I didn’t understand the power of my body until much later. 

So, marriage collapsed he came to live with us since his ex got awarded the house and a shitload of alimony that meant it was either live with us or in his car. 

Fast forward. By this time I was kind ok with my body. I liked masturbating and could make myself feel good whenever I wanted. I’d even started to buy sexy underwear, although I had also experienced the utter delight of wearing nothing at all under my skirts! 

I came home from college and there was no one home. I was hot and sticky, only partly from the heat. I figured if go shower and have a orgasm in the shower. I’d learned how much more powerful cumming standing up can be, so that was fun! 

Shower running, me leaning back against the wall and reading my breasts and nipples while simultaneously working my sensitive little nub. By now, I also knew that when I did it standing up I’d usually squirt too. I liked that because it kinda looked like when a boy shoots his load....ok...well...not quite but you get the idea. 

I had a fabulous long orgasm and rinsed myself down, turned the water off and got out of the shower. That’s when I noticed the door was unlatched and my clothes had been moved. My bra and panties were on the top,of the hamper rather than on the floor where I knew I’d dropped them. 

The panties had sperm in them on the crotch. I felt totally weirded out.....at first. 

I wrapped a towel around myself, tossed the dirty clothes in the hamper and walked out. I almost ran Uncle Bob down. He played it all innocent and so did I, but back in my room I suddenly just knew. I hadn’t locked the bathroom door because I thought the house was empty. Uncle Bob had used my clothes to get himself off. I kinda understood that in a way too. He hadn’t had any sex for a very long time. 

I felt a real mixture of emotions. I was raging mad at being invaded like that, but on the other hand I felt incredibly powerful. Something I had, something about my body had made him so horny he couldn’t resist. 

Over the next few months I noticed he did it again, and eventually I confronted him. I asked him outright if he’d been jacking off into my underwear. He looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I felt sad for him too. 

I asked him what he liked about my clothes. I was expecting him to say my panties, but instead he told me it was my bra that really turned him on, “I love a girl’s sweat’. 

Ok, I admit, by this time I was having full on sexual fantasies when I masturbated, and yes, I did imagine Uncle Bob fucking me (no one had at this point). I also imagined him shooting his cum on my body too.

Of course, he was scared I’d tell mom, but I said I wouldn’t as long as he didn’t try anything else with me. I’m not into incest, although I sometimes have incest fantasies. Fantasies and the real thing are way different though, right? 

From then until he moved out about three months later I would sometimes leave a sweaty t shirt or bra in his room for him. 

It gave me a real powerful thrill to think I could have that effect on a guy.



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