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Another small party

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The prelude to this one is strikingly similar to the last experience we related. A Fall Saturday where nightfall is approaching after 6+ hours of soccer Mom/Dad time (with both teams losing again, *sigh*). And here we are, gearing ourselves up for the club; but it's mentally difficult, going from the soccer-mom-world to such a non-vanilla environment in less than an hour.

We are relatively early this time. The movements of getting to the Great Room are rapid and familiar. We help ourselves to some appetizers and settle at what we refer to as our "lucky" table (we have met the most amazing couples at this one particular table; so unless we have reason to sit somewhere else this is where you will find us).

This will be an even smaller party than the one described in Swingtime Masturbation. There is only one other couple sitting anywhere near us. At first glance, they neither spark us nor send us running. Since we are still winding down from a strictly vanilla afternoon and have not been whispering in each others ears of sexy thoughts all afternoon, neither of us are opposed to the idea of 'hey, its just you and me time tonight, babe.' As often as not, we play with no one but each other during an evening at the club. Some couples are really focused on swapping when they come here and have difficulty understanding when we tell them this. We have learned, though, that one of the best ways to wind up disappointed is to go into a swing situation with expectations. No expectations (other than ultimately falling asleep in each other's arms after some wonderful sex), no disappointments.

After our second glass of wine, the couple near us, who are also still sitting alone, approach us and we accept them at our table without question. Socialization is a good thing.

The conversation slips into a comfort zone surprisingly quickly. She is B and he is T. They are considerably younger than us, but that does not seem to be bothering anyone. She is amply more voluptuous than I generally fantasize about or am quickly attracted to, but her eye contact is electric and her demeanor exudes confidence. These are sexually attractive qualities.

As an aside, I professionally spend a considerable amount of time speaking publicly and have a *cough, cough* decent stage presence, but this girl is calling my bet with her eyes.

Then the band starts to play and the dancing starts. We clear our plates to the kitchen and then look around. The couple is no longer at our table and seems to have disappeared. We dance a few songs (damn, would these bands learn a few new numbers?), and then we say, "Screw it." Literally.

We head for the lockers to lose the clothes and prepare for sex.

Remember the red room? Well that's where we settle. I don't recall what we did for a while, but then we spot B and T and say, "There you are!" They settle down on the bed with us and T explains that they had made arrangements to play with another couple whose time was limited. This explains where they disappeared to right after dinner. The other couple is gone now and B and T are lounging with us. They are comfortable being naked and talking with us and this is a good sign. B and I start making out and I start stroking my cock. B is having a hard time keeping her eyes off this, which starts to turn me on even more and I am soon quite hard.

B looks up at me and asks, "Would you like a rubber?" Haven't heard a condom called that in a long, long time, but I ignore this completely as what she is really asking is if I would like to fuck her. Putting a condom on and maintaining an erection is as difficult for me as for most men, but things just feel right and I grab a packet and race to get it open and rolled onto my cock. B lays back, spreads her legs and welcomes me into her sex. She is quite wet and we fuck until she comes.

Meanwhile, K has noticed this of course. She tells me later how happy it made her to see me get hard and fuck B. Her own experience with T is going equally well. They started kissing soon after the couple had joined us. She also tells me later that T told her that he knew within seconds of kissing K that things would happen. Both K and I are the same way; we want playmates who are really good kissers and we have found excellent kissers in this couple.

K has a bit more of a challenge with T, because he has already come once tonight. She offers her oral skills, which no warm blooded male is likely to reject, and B and I (now finished with our first fuck) are pleased to see that she has done a superb job of not only getting him hard, but it is pretty clear he is about to come again. B, knowing her hubby best, of course, spots this with precision and just as T is about to fill K's mouth with cum, she says, "I'll take that!" and the girls trade cock without losing a stroke and B is taking a mouthful of T's warm cum, swallowing every drop.

We stretch and gain our bearings a bit. We all agree a refreshment break is in order. More wine, diet soda and water and we feel replenished.

The four of us return to the play areas with a little more purpose this time. I am eager to fuck B again and K wants more of T as well. B adores watching me play with my cock; stroking it while it is long and hard. She tells me this and I ask her if she and T masturbate together (as you know from our other stories, K and I masturbate together a lot). She says, "No," and I now understand why this is turning her on so much. I ask her if she wants to fuck again and she replies that she definitely wants to fuck some more. This time I am so hard and horny, I have little trouble getting the condom on and stuffing my dick back into B's cunt. Our eyes are fixed on each other with an electric intensity. She is loving this and so am I.

We discover another level of compatibility: B loves the word "cunt" (as does K) and we begin to talk very dirty to each other.

"Your cunt is so wet!"

"Fuck my cunt! It feels so good!"

I hold myself up off her chest and she starts to masturbate while we fuck.

"Oh yes, rub your cunt."

"I can't believe how wet my cunt is!"

My cock is very straight and longer than T's while his is curved upward. The girls are really enjoying the different cocks, as I am getting further up B than she usually gets, while T is hitting K's G-spot in a way my cock can simply not do. We fuck the girls for quite a while and make them both come several times.

After about an hour, we need to rest again. We are sitting in the Great Room with them and talking. The connection is the best we have ever felt with another couple. We discuss our families and all four of us observe how good the feelings of intimacy are flowing amongst us all. We rest, talk and connect for at least 45 minutes, but there is no mention of parting as yet. We all seem to know that we are heading back up to the play areas sooner or later and that the sex is not done for the night. For one thing, B is wishing that she can make me come; something that I have already warned her may not happen. The club is fantastically distracting to me and although I do get turned on and hard when the situation is right (as it is tonight), sometimes I just can't get to the point of release. Now that K has discovered how and where T's cock hits her, she is thinking a squirting orgasm may be in the offing as well. So it is nearing midnight when off we go for an unprecedented round three. We have never played this much with another couple in one night and yet everything feels so right. There is no suggestion by anyone to call it a night.

It is getting late and the memories are hazy. It's all about fucking and that's what we do. K has her arms over her head, her hands grasping the railing and bracing herself in order to fuck as hard as she can back against T's thrusts. She gets her squirting orgasm and fairly soaks T to his delight. K is the first squirting girl he has ever had.

Fatigue is catching up to me and I have yet to make B come again. All of a sudden I hear T starting to pound fuck K and I get a vision of understanding. I start to pound fuck B, too and for the first time during all our fucking, she loses eye contact with me. Her eyes roll back into her head and she shuts her eyes as she arches backwards into my pounding thrusts and over she goes in her final orgasm of the evening.

I collapse in exhaustion on top of B who wraps her arms and legs around me and hugs me very tightly. We have fucked each other literally for hours.

For the first time ever, we also remember to exchange emails, knowing that this is an experience each and every one of us is willing to re-live.

[sig]Language itself is the headiest brew, and staying drunk is divine.[/sig]



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