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Andy and I

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"I'd really like to suck your cock."

You could've floored me when I heard that. Our wives were both out of town and we'd been watching rugby and drinking beer for the better part of the afternoon and evening. By now it was about midnight and we were both pissed enough to have lost a few inhibitions. Unfortunately, I'd left my porn collection at home, otherwise we could've just slipped our shorts off and jerked off together. But, having no porn, and being a couple of pissed, horny guys with no women around, we took things farther.

"Sure", I replied, easing back on the armchair and sliding my shorts off. My cock was already hard- a nice, cut 8" that I like to keep shaved. He looked down at my cock and slid his shorts off. He's a little bigger than I am so it's only natural that his cock is a little bigger too. He was also cut, and he was semi-hard. I couldn't wait to get that cockhead in my mouth, but it was going to be his turn first so he knelt down between my legs and took my cock in his hand. He slid his hand up and down my shaft a few times, groaning as he did so. I shut my eyes and lay back, not worried at all that a guy had his hand around my cock and was about to give me a blowjob. Truth is, it wasn't the first time it had happened as I'm quite bi-curious but it was the first time it happened with a guy that I knew I'd be seeing again tomorrow afternoon for a beer.

Andy stroked my cock until he got too hungry and couldn't wait any longer. He leaned his head over my meat, opened his mouth and took it in. He must've had some experience with cocks before too because he was great at it. Alternating between a slow fisting motion and a firm but gentle sucking action, I could feel my cum rising. I looked down to see his cock hard now, looking to be about 9 inches in length, with a large head. (Little did I know at the time that I would soon be watching my wife get fucked by that very same cock- but that's a different story!)

I moaned that I was close to cumming and unless he wanted a mouthful he'd better ease off. We weren't ready yet to swallow each other's cum so he backed off, stood up, and started jerking himself off in front of my face.

"I love how your cock tastes. Your wife's very lucky", he said as he jerked off inches from my face.

"It's my turn", I responded, leaning forward to lick around the head of his cock and replace his hand with mine. I jerked him off while licking his head and he moaned softly. Here I was, with my friend's rigid cock in my hand, while I was lightly stroking my own piece, being careful not to go too hard so I could build up a nice strong load of cum.

Andy started breathing faster and warned me that he was close. I took my tongue off his cock, looked up at him and told him that I wanted his cum all over my face and chest. He moaned again and replaced my hand with his, slowly building up speed. He moaned louder, telling me that he was gonna cum, and like that, he did!

What a cum bath he gave me! He didn't stop jerking himself off until he'd drained his balls on my face and chest. At the same time, I was pumping my cock furiously and told him to watch me cum. He knelt down, I stood up, and he told me to let him have it on his face and neck. With a grunt and a moan, I did, holding it back for just a second so that the ejaculation would be strong and straight (I had getting cum all over the place). The first shot hit him on the chin, the second on his chest. I looked down to see him continuing to pull on his still hard cock as I shot the last of my load on him. Fuck, this was hot.

We both slumped down on the couch, the cum dripping from our chins and our cocks now slowly starting to soften. Coming back down to earth, we both blurted out "What the fuck just happened here?" Then we realised that it didn't really matter what had happened. We were still married (to women), we hadn't suddenly "turned gay"- we had just let things get a little out of hand and we helped each other out while the pussies that we normally fucked were away.

Andy went off to get a towel to mop the cum off our bodies and I just lay there thinking that this wasn't really a one-off event. I think we both knew that we were going to have a thing for each other's cocks for a while and that this was going to happen again. And again. And again.

And it, and a few other things- did.



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