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Anal Erotic Afternoon

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Anal Erotic Afternoon

I haven't penetrated myself for several months, trying to wean myself off it, but I have been building up to this for the last few weeks. Finally, I have a rainy afternoon alone in the house. I wrote this in real-time.


I am getting ready to beat off and have something up my ass--first time in a long time. I'm looking at a picture (attached) of a really nice dick with a nice curved shaft and very flared head, the kind that would feel really nice pushing against my hole and then popping in to where my anus is squeezing around the slightly narrower shaft. 

That dick is what I really want right now, but I'm going to settle for a nicely-shaped zucchini that I bought from the store and warmed in the sink. But it is the bare hard dick I am imagining, the fleshy head and tip just touching my hole. The first pressure, the stretching, the in and out attempts before I am stretched enough to get the head all the way in. That "pop" is SO thrilling and satisfying. Once it is in, I might have to take it out, give myself a little rest, and then push it in again, reliving the thrill of the initial penetration. Then...the wonderful sliding in and feeling it all the way in. I can't get enough of that! I want to do that many time before I beat off and cum.

I'm looking down at my dick sticking out in front of me. I want to touch it SO BAD, but I'm going to wait...tease myself. I don't want this to end to soon, and I know that once I start beating off with this in me, I am going to cum really soon...

I smeared a lot of Vaseline between my buns. I'm going to start putting it in now. I'll be looking at that hard penis and not writing for awhile. It is on a TUMBLR page called Gay Boy's Anal Orgasm. I am feeling really horny and gay and anal today. I'll probably feel really ashamed when I am done. But maybe not.

Watched a video of two guys fucking standing up. I loved seeing their dicks. Loved hearing the guy's moans, knowing how good it felt. I'm kneeling with the makeshift "dick" pressing my asshole. I am really tight! Really taking my time, enjoying the pressure and the stretching and just the feeling of it pushing on my hole. GOD I WANT IT IN ME!! ALL THE WAY IN. 

I'm almost stretched enough now. It's a good 8 inches, longer than I can take but plenty long enough to feel it pressing against my insides. I want that feeling and will have it soon. I'm looking at another nice dick online now. God I like looking at dicks. Bare, hard ones.

Ohhh god, it's all the way in me now. I can't write anymore. I'm just going to move and groove on it for awhile. Then I have to deal with this throbbing erection.



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