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An Interesting Summer

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This story happened the summer before I turned 16. I was helping on a volunteer construction project in the South, with my youth group from my home town. Most of us had never travelled to the South, and we were not used to the heat. We started very early in the morning, and then took the early afternoon off, only to work until sundown when it was cooler. My friend Troy and I were having a lot of fun working, and being pretty good friends, we hung out together a lot while we were there. In the afternoon break, we as a group had the option taking a shower to cool down in an old gymnasium locker area. Being teenagers, we usually didn't until we were done working for the day. I did by the second day because I was having an urge to jack-off, since I didn't dare at night with everybody around me. I was a fairly shy teen, who liked to jerk it, but not around the whole world. I had once shown myself to another friend of mind, but we only did that once. I personally wanted to see Troy's, since he was Black, and I had not seen one before.
So, I was preparing to take a shower on the second day, when Troy asked if he could tag along. I said I didn't mind, and that I trusted him. He gave me a funny look. but said the same about me. We headed over to the old building, and much to our surprise, found it empty in the shower area. At one point, some one had been modest enough to put up a barrier around most of the shower heads to make them individual areas sans curtains. The light was poor, but they provided enough modesty for me, and usually I showered in them in the morning.
I sat my stuff down on the far end from the entry point, so as not to be disturbed, and Troy used the stall next to me for the same reason. I stripped to my briefs, and was slightly shy about my bulge that was beginning to grow. Troy was trying not to look, but I saw that his own package was growing. We were both fairly slender, lanky guys. His physique was better due to him running, but mine was not bad from playing tennis either. I was about an inch taller than he, at 5'10. We both looked away from each other as we stripped off our briefs and stepped in the showers. The water made my erection jump, and it felt good to be free of those sweaty clothes. I just happened to open my eyes, and saw Troy standing outside of stall! I was a little surprised, and just stood there not knowing what to say. His cock was very thick, with large fuzzy balls. He wasn't that hung, but neither was I. I was a little over 6 1/2 inches, and he was probably about six.
I asked what did he want to do, and he asked if he could jack me off. I was taken aback, but somehow managed to say yes. He came over to me with the water running in mine and his stalls to cover our sounds. His hands felt so good, and I loved the feel of his dick next to me. He finished me quickly, and likewise to him. His cock was throbbing until he came on me as I had done to him. We finished our showers, and headed back to work.
He never did say anything that day. We did however, proceed to take a shower every day together. It was a lot of fun



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