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An Amazing Trip to the Dance Club Loo

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I just went for a pee, and ended up being drained by the prettiest boy I had seen.

A short but beautiful massage in the Gay Dance hall - Hollywoodl. In Pattaya, we have an enormous gay dance hall with bars, a big stage, many band acts etc. It is called Hollywood. What surprised me there on my first visit a few years ago, was that in every men's toilet, there were 5-6 boys there, in white shirts and black shorts and a handful of small towels. When you stand for a pee, they immediately come behind you and start to massage your neck and shoulders. When this happened the first time, I stopped peeing immediately I just couldn't pee with that going on. But the second time I was OK, but this boy moved to the right hand side of me after a short neck massage and pointed down to my prick and asked if he could hold it for me !! WHAT !!! There were other people standing at the other urinals and all had these little massage boys with them. My boy was so pretty with a big smile and nodding to me and to my prick, which was starting to get strong. The massage boy with the next man saw my boy, and he moved to the right hand side of his man so we were completely blocked off. My boy put his hand down on my shaft. It was such a small and soft hand, and I got an instant erection which was much bigger than his hand. He smiled at me and nodded. So I nodded off, and he immediately started to wank me off with his left hand. The towels were in his right hand. He had such a gentle touch and I could feel my cum building up quickly. I looked at the boy to my left but his left hand was still massaging the guys neck, while covering his friend looking after me. I closed my eyes and leaned back a little bit, sticking my long rigid penis right out in front of me. That was all the information he wanted and sped up. Usually I do not like to cum quickly, I like a slow build-up, but there were loads of guys wanting to pee. So I just looked at him, smiled and nodded. He could feel me throbbing, and then a gigantic spurt out onto the urinal. He nodded quickly and smiled a lot and drained me. Then he massaged the back of my neck a bit, and said to me that next time I come in for a pee, later on, he will take me into the sit-down toilets and lock the door. I can only believe what would happen in there. But I never went in there again that night. I washed my hands, and he washed his as he had cum on his left hand. Then he smiled as I gave him a nice tip, and he said come back later !! I was so drained, I could hardly walk. This had all happened in less than five minutes, from a simple pee, to a neck massage to a penis massage, to an intense orgasm, to cleaning my hands and out into the dance floor. !! WOW !!



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