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Amy's Yummy Panties

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When I was sixteen I was on a trip and just so happened to have a room in a condo right across the hall from Amy's. Amy was sixteen as well and I had a huge crush on her at the time but was too scared to act on it, as she was extremely pretty. She had brown hair and brown eyes, a cute smile, olive colored skin, and an amazing body. She was very athletic with long and shapely legs, had one of the tightest asses I have ever seen, and her breasts were fairly small and perky which I thought were perfect.

At the time I was masturbating at least once a day and often times twice. Due to being on the trip and not having much privacy, I was unable to masturbate often and was extremely horny. Being around Amy didn't help the situation either. Seeing her walk around the condo in tight clothing and getting the occasional glimpse of her panties or thongs when she bent over was beginning to drive me wild.

About four days in I finally got my break. It somehow worked out that I would be home alone in the condo for a few hours in the afternoon and would finally be able to give myself some much-needed relief. As soon as I arrived back at the condo in the early afternoon I went straight upstairs to my room and stripped completely naked. I was already rock hard before I even had my boxers off and wasted no time in having my cock in hand. I began to stroke myself while fantasizing of Amy's hot athletic body. She had been the centre of my masturbation fantasies for at least a year now and this time I was imagining what her pussy would like and how hot it would be to fool around with her. It was then that I got an idea!

I stopped what I was doing and ventured into Amy's room. On the floor near her bed was her suitcase, and strewn around it were all of her dirty clothes. Amongst all the clothes were pairs of her dirty panties and thongs. My still hard cock was throbbing with anticipation as I began to look through each pair. The crotch on almost every pair was dried together with her pussy juices and as I peeled the crotch apart in each pair I was greeted with the stains of her yummy love juice.

Over to one side I noticed the pyjamas that she had been wearing that morning. I looked inside and to my delight pulled out the thong that she had been wearing all morning and that she had probably slept in the previous night. With her thong in my hand I ran back to my room, knelt on the floor before my bed, and placed it on top of my sheets. It was purple cotton with green trim and had some sort of little design on the front. I flipped it over and peeled the crotch apart only to find it completely covered with a nice layer of her dried pussy juice.

I stroked my cock a few times and spread the dripping precum over the head of my cock before lowering my face down to her thong to take in the scent of her pussy. It was amazing and nearly made me dizzy. My cock got harder as I inhaled the scent of her wet little pussy while I began to stroke myself harder and faster. The smell of her pussy is hard to describe but I definitely could smell a little bit of pee mixed with sweat, which was overpowered by a very strong sweet smell. It was unreal and I couldn't get enough of it. She had been alone all morning so I'm not sure if she masturbated in them at some point or if she was just wetter than normal because the whole crotch was covered, even quite a bit more than any of her other pairs I saw. You could even tell that the side of her thong had been wedged between her pussy lips at some point during the day or night as some of the green trim even had wetness on it. All the while I was stroking my cock, and after edging for at least 30 min, I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer. I could not stop thinking about how wet she must have been and how badly I wanted to go down on her and finger and lick her wet pussy.

The yummy white stains on the crotch were intoxicating and I stroked my cock faster and even touched my tongue to the wetness on her panties before exploding and cumming all over the bedroom floor. After coming down from my climax and taking in one last inhale of her mind-blowing scent, I returned the thong to her room just as I had found it.

To this day the scent of Amy's pussy has left a lasting impression on me, and is a memory that I still masturbate to often.



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