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Almost Ready To Get

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I planned it perfectly but at the last second covered up with interesting results.

I've always liked getting myself off in places where somebody could see me in the act, but always pretty sure nobody actually would see me in the act. This includes some quick sessions in public restrooms, masturbating on the freeway while driving and cumming on camera only to erase it soon after. I enjoy the thought and fantasy, but never let the fantasy become reality until this day, and even then I chickened out at the very end. I usually get home from work before my wife and many times I will read stories about people masturbating and watch videos of people having fantastic orgasms. I enjoy teasing my manicured cock until I begin leaking precum into my clothes and the coolness of a wet spot adds another sensation. I edge and edge until I feel that my time alone may be running out, then I walk by open windows with my cock tenting my pants to the bathroom where I cleanly masturbate to orgasm, savoring the release after the build up in my balls. As I mentioned, I fantasize about being "caught" in the act and one day I was determined to do just that. I arrived home from work and knew I had ample time to rub my cock, watch videos and cum. Today, I vowed to myself, I'd let my wife "catch" me. I played with myself, rubbing my cock through my pants as I enjoyed watching beautiful, average people pleasuring themselves. I wanted to cum and could feel the pressure building. My cock started leaking precum, creating a wet spot. I reached into my pants and wiped some onto my finger and tasted. I wasn't going to cum. I wanted to be caught. I paused and changed into pajamas, which is nothing abnormal. I wanted something elastic on to make things easier. I resumed my spot on the couch facing away from the door. While I couldn't see the door, I could hear certain things that would let me know when my wife would arrive. I continued my session, playing with myself and edging again and again. I truly enjoy the denied orgasm as it prolongs such an enjoyable sensation. I put my headphones on but no music, just to give the impression I couldn't hear anything. Brilliant, right? I pleasured myself waiting, when finally I hear my wife approach. This is it, I think to myself. Don't chicken out. Let her see. My pants are down, my glistening cock is out, hard as possible and begging for release. My wife climbs the stairs, I stroke, my wife begins opening the door, I rub my engorged penis, the door opens... I quickly pulled up my pants, sit up and try to compose myself. My cock, however, has other plans. I feel familiar tightness and release in my groin and my cock twitches and oozes cum into my clothes. I have small spasms and a mini orgasm in my pants. I try to act like nothing is happening, but my voice quavers as I greet my wife. She doesn't let on that she knows anything, but I wonder. I didn't cum hard enough to have a wet spot, but when I go to the bathroom, there is cum covering my cock and balls. I was so close. Perhaps next time I won't cover. I still enjoyed the build up, but wonder about what could have been.



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