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(Almost) Hands-free Orgasm

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I am almost 60 years old, now, and I am more interested in sex than ever. I have done research into 'male multiple orgasms,' and have begun to practice daily. So far, I have not been able to do more than make my orgasm last a little longer and make it a lot more intense. I may never have 'multiples,' but in sexual things, I have found out it's the journey that is so rewarding; getting to the destination is merely an added bonus. I have a lot of fun trying.

I masturbate daily when not ill or too busy with work, usually 2 or three times a day. I have developed a technique to get almost to the point of ejaculation and then challenging myself with seeing how long I can stay there without coming. The sexual buzz is incredible, and the longer it lasts, the better I feel afterwards. Even if I don't come, after a very long time of this I feel almost as satisfied as if I had gone over.

In order to stay on the sexual peak as long as I can, I watch porn while I fondle myself. My record to date is one hour. Usually I can stay at the peak for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes I just don't bother to keep track of the time, it has become a form of meditation.

I have a few favorite movies that get me to the top rapidly, but they are just aids that allow me to explore and expand my sexuality. The older I get the more important that intense, frequent sexual pleasure is to me. My goal is not to ejaculate. I save that for sex with my wife. It's usually a hard challenge to keep from sqiurting, though.

A really interesting thing happened to me yesterday, while I watched my favorite porn movie of a couple having sex. She looked like a woman should look-she had her ass up in the air and it was nice and plump, jiggling like nobody's business. (I am so tired of seeing naked women who look like girls!)

I got there really soon, and continued to edge and peak until that 18-minute movie was up. I then put another one on, but I was already almost unable to keep from going over the edge. I had an elastic band, a woman's long hair band, actually, wrapped around my penis and testicles. This caused everything to pulse with my heartbeat, made the veins stand out, and stretched the skin of my frenulum to the point where every movement anywhere near my genitals registered as intense pleasure.

Many times I got almost to the point of ejaculation, but I would remove my hand or stroke myself differently to make the urge to orgasm subside slightly. I have found that if I just caress the coronal ridge and the skin just under it, the sensation will be different enough to take me down from the peak a half-inch or so. Also, if I stroke with my palm on top of my penis, that will do the trick. Then there's deep breathing, panting, and tightly clenching my PC muscle, all of which often keep the sperm from shooting out before I am ready.

I had been at the edge for about 30 minutes, and was closely observing what happens when I get the tingle in my legs. It feels like the chill that makes my leg hair stand on end, but I have not observed my leg hairs becoming erect-just the chill and tingle. I was on the edge almost constantly, and had been looking at a huge-busted woman riding a Sybian machine when I absolutely had to remove my hand or blow.

I took my hand away, but the chill and tingle did not diminish much. I watched my penis and testicles making their sensual rotation in time with my heartbeat, and then I made the mistake of looking back at the screen. The look of lust on her face and her long-nippled huge breasts freed from the top of her sweater bulldozed me over the edge.

This would have been a perfect time for me to try to suppress my ejaculation with clenching my PC muscle, but I needed that cum so badly! I couldn't help but stroke that dick and bring on that orgasm! My toes curled to their maximum extent as I doused my belly with spurt after spurt. What a relief!

Man, it was so intense, so satisfying, so draining! I love the feeling of orgasm!



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