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all the places I have jacked off

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A description of all the places I have jacked off so far


I love to stroke to my cock. I have been jacking off as long as I can remember. One of my favorite things to do is jack off where I am not supposed to, the more public the better. I do not want to be seen, I just really like doing it where I could be seen if anyone was paying attention or places your not supposed to. This may seem a bit perverted to some, but this is a list in order of the places I have masturbated. It doesn't really matter how much actual sex I have, I just like to stroke my cock. Sorry this is a bit long, but there were a lot of places!

-literally every room in my parents' house when I lived there. My parents have french doors between the living room and the den and when they were closed and my family was in the den, I liked to get totally naked on the other side and jack off while they watched TV
-In 6 of my neighbors' houses. I will elaborate in points below.

- My next door neighbors on one side were two hot sisters, Sally and Susan Totally good girls so nothing ever happened with them, but my god where they beautiful. Their back yard was right outside my bedroom window and fully lit up at night. I used to sneak out my window and stand in the middle of their yard at night totally nude and stroke off. I also used to sneak onto their front porch when it was dark, but still like 9PM or so and get naked and jack off while I could see them through the sheers on the windows on the porch. My parents and theirs were friends and we had a key to their house. When I was in high school both their parents worked as did mine. They did after school activities, like drill team, and I would go into their house and jack off in their bedrooms totally nude. I would rub my hard dick all over their pillows. blankets, panties in their dressers ( I even stole a few). I would sit or lie on their beds stroking off and smear my cum on their pillows and panties in light thing streams so it could not bee seen. I know it's a bit weird, but I also left my cum on their tooth brushes. I loved the fact that they brushed their teeth with my cream. I did this many many times.

-My neighbors on the other side were better friends with me. The girl (Lee) was my age and totally smoking. I tried so many times to get into her pants, but she thought of me like a brother so no luck. So, instead I would get into their house (another key) and jack off in her bedroom with her panties. I would also smear my cum on her pillow, bed, panties and tooth brush. She was such tease, but off limits to me and it somehow made me feel good to know here hot little pussy was pressed against the crotch of panties smeared with my cum and she brushed her teeth with her toothbrush smeared with my dried cum. I also jacked off on the roof of their house at night when they were home. They had a house that made the roof easily accessible. Her brother had a huge stack of girlie mags that kept me stocked for years. I also used to jack off on the roof of my house, it had a flat roof, in the middle of the afternoon.

-My neighbor across the street moved and the realtor forgot to lock the door. I went inside and stripped and lay in the bay window in the living room at about six in the evening, in full view of the street ( and Sally's bedroom window) and jacked off.

-My friend Eddie up the street had two hot sisters. When they went on vacation I jacked off in each girl's room, again with their panties, and did the cum thing again. I also jacked off in their pool.

-The times in the other three houses were when my neighbors were on vacation and we were looking after their houses. I volunteer to go water the plants or something and always take a few minutes to a quick jerk.

-My street had three tall street lights on it and I lived to sneak out late at night totally naked, grease up my young dick with lotion, and take my time jacking off under the lights. I did this a lot. I would also walk around my neighborhood nude and jack off under the lights on the other streets. I really liked the feeling of being totally nude with no clothes to save me, outside, totally visible to anyone who could see stroking my hard cock. I also learned that early on Sunday mornings ( like between 6 and 7), none of my neighbors would come outside. i would get naked, go out on the driveway in full view and stroke it. Did all of this for years numerous times and never got caught.

-Before I could drive, I commonly went to the grocery store with my dad. I never went in. I would stay in the car and while he was inside I would whip out my dick and jack off while the other shoppers came and went, never noticing what I was doing.

-In high school I used to go over to the middle school I went to early on Sunday mornings. It was built in an open square with with a courtyard in the middle and a glassed in bridge over it. I figured out how to open the windows on the lower level and sneak into the school. I would then strip and roam the hallways with my boner bouncing and jack off in classrooms, on the bridge where I would press my cock to the window to leave a print, in the girls bathrooms (leaving my cum on the sinks), basically all over the school. I also used to go to the elementary school I went to. It was old and had open air hallways. I would get naked, roam the school and do my thing.

-Also in high school I was a teacher's assistant for 9th grade band. I would sit in the director's office that had glass windows so I could see the band who had their backs to me, but the director could not see in from the angle, and literally every day for a year I would drop my pants behind her desk and jack off while she directed the band. I really loved doing that.

-College was a bit more difficult with roommates, but I managed. One time, when my roommate stayed elsewhere, I went out the window onto the ledge, we had ledges about three feet wide and the the length of the room. It was late, like 3AM or something, and I jacked off. What made it thrilling is the neighboring dorm was only about 30 yards away and anyone looking, which no one did, could have seen me as could anyone in he parking lot. I also used to go into our very large library and take these secluded window seats. The seats were in these large window boxes that stuck out from the building. I would pull my pants off and jack off in the window boxes in the middle of the day. When I was a junior and senior, I lived with my roommate in an apartment that had two huge picture windows that looked out on a courtyard. I had early classes and his started around noon. I would get home just as he left. Everyday, I would get naked, grease up my cock with vegetable oil and stand in our living room in front of the window and take my time beating off. We were on the first floor and all someone had to do was walk by or look out their window, but everyone was at work or school and I never got caught. I did this basically everyday during the school year for two years.

-Work is interesting. I have jacked off in my office during the day with the door open and the team admin sitting right outside my door facing me, She is hot. She could not see what I was doing behind my desk and all anyone had to do was walk in. On weekends, I like to go to the office when no one is there and roam the entire office nude jacking off at the cute girls' desks. We have a file room a couple of floors down with two locked doors, inner and outer, that require a key. When ever I need a file from there, I take a few minutes to get butt naked and stand in front of the windows, we are in a downtown area, and jack off.

-The other fun thing about work is the travel we do to small towns. We always stay in kind of cheesy motels. I love to get up late at night, go outside naked, and jack off on the walkways and in front of my workmates' rooms. I commonly travel with women and I stand directly outside their doors and jack off. If they ever open the door, I am dead.

-I also like to jack off in my client's offices on weekends when I am alone. I have been nude and jacking off in so many client's it's hard to count.

- I also go to Chicago a lot and stay at a hotel that has balconies. The area around it is an urban neighborhood. Across the street on one side is a drug store and on the other is a condo tower. A major highway passes by right next to the hotel I love to stay up high and jack off on the balcony when it is dark. Their is enough light that anyone looking up or looking out their condo windows could see me, but no one ever does. The people just walk down the street, pass by in their cars, go in and out of the store, watch TV in their condo all the while I am out there totally nude stroking my cock and playing with my balls. Sometimes I even put my dick through the bars on the balcony railing, reach around stroke off. All the while people are just doing their thing. I have only been caught once by a guy waiting at a cross walk. He looked up and saw me right as I was coming. I just shot my load and went back inside. That did freak my out as I am not wanting to be seen, I just like doing it where I could be seen.

-On airplanes if I am the only one in my aisle, which is rare, but I have done it with my cock out in full view several times.

-At the department store I shop at they have two changing rooms both private, with full length locking doors, and kind of off by themselves. One faces the escalators and through the downward facing slates you can see the people going down. I love to go in there, get naked, and stroke off right in front of the door. Anyone looking up could see me as clearly as I can see them, but they never do. The other room is right behind a cashier's station. I love to stand right behind the door and stroke it while the cashier is checking people out. There they are just a few feet away and all that separates us is a thin door. Both rooms are especially fun at Christmas when the store is crowded. I also like to do this in other stores with the more conventional changing rooms that are open on the top with the doors that do not go all the way down. Something fun about being nude and stroking it with people all over the place, and they never know. My wife has actually blown me a couple of times in these rooms as well.

-Another fun place is in the car on a road trip by myself. I loved to get totally naked, or sometimes where just a T-shirt, in my car or my truck and take a long, long, slow and pleasant time playing with myself as the other cars pass by. I get in the right lane and put the cruise control right at the speed limit. People pass by, just a few feet away with no idea. The best is when there is a traffic jam and I am in the truck. I love to stroke a cum when there is someone next to me in the passenger seat just about 4 feet away and they have no idea what i am doing. I had a convertible sports car for a while and have actually been totally nude in it with the top down on I45 jacking off and no one ever noticed all though they could clearly see me if they only looked over. I kept a towel handy to cover myself in case they did, but never needed to use it.

-My other current favorite places are two spots when I ride my bike. One is a secluded drainage culvert in some woods where i get totally nude in the sunshine and take my time. The other is in some woods at the local park. There is a secluded place out on small peninsula type spot near a small river. The best thing is that this place is a bit difficult to get to, but once you are there the main jogging path passes by about 40 yards away through the trees and about 60 yards the other way is a street and another part of the jogging path with a clear view I really love to get naked back there are jack off for 20-30 minutes watching the joggers go by on one side and the cars on the other. I have done this soooo many times and no one ever turns their heads. Sometimes, if I go riding really early, like 5AM, I ride around this same path which makes a 2 mile loop around some large ponds. That early in the morning, I am commonly all by myself. I have stripped down several times and stoked it on this look out spot over one of the ponds right in the open and in plain view of nearby houses. Just last weekend, there was actually some kids at my normal spot! That pissed me off as I was horny had to look for another spot. I finally find a small recessed place behind a small mound, I could easily see over it, and shielded by some trees. I was only maybe 10-12 feet off the jogging path, but it was late afternoon and few joggers were out. I stripped and stroked all the while a few joggers went by just a few feet away with no idea I was even there.

-Finally, yes I know this is long, I love to jack off in my backyard, We have allies and the neighbors are right there, but my yard is fenced with a gate. I love to take a long time jacking off, like an hour or more, while my neighbors are cutting their grass, coming and going, etc. All the while oblivious to me and separated only by about a half inch of wood. I just did so this morning. Sometimes, I open my back gate during the day and do it. All someone has to do is walk or drive by, but thank goodness that has only happened once. One time I had the gate opened, but the way i was sitting someone approach from the east would not really notice me as I would be to their side. One neighbor actually walked by and never saw me. I did not see him until he was nearly pass me. I was startled for a brief second, but realized he didn't notice me and just kept going. My wife knows about this little habit and does not mind, she even joins me sometimes or we have sex of some form, particularly on Saturday mornings.

Sorry for such a long posting, but I thought some like minded souls may find this fun.



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