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All New Me

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And a new beginning it was.


When I was 18 years old I was short, overweight, acne all over my face and considered a loser by most people in my class. When school ended my parents informed me they had signed me up for a bike tour of the west. I didn't want to go since the last time I rode a bike was a few months ago. My father told me if I didn't go I would be living with my uncle for the summer. I decided I would go. My uncle worked in a meat house and it wasn't a fun job.

I flew out to Denver and while walking thru the airport I saw a sign with my name. I walked to it and I was taken to a van with 4 other guys and 5 girls. The guy with the sign went to the driver side and jumped in and off we went. Their was a women in the shotgun seat. The guy named Neil told us about the biking and how we were a group of ten and we would be biking all over the west.

We went to the bike shop and were sized for bikes and gear. We went on a casual ride and I was dying. I was so out of shape but then again the other 9 were also out of shape. Over the next two weeks we all got our bike legs and soon I felt some clothes become looser. One day while biking our guide told us how we were all chosen because of our weight and this was a new type of weight loss. In three more weeks I was now wearing clothes that were super tight a month ago. One day when it was raining we went to a mall and I tried on some clothes that were XXL and they were big. I tried on XL and they were also loose but the Large was too tight. The girls all went for haircuts and us guys went to a movie. The last three weeks we were riding up hills that we couldn't ride up easily. On the second to last day we went up the first hill we rode on and it felt like a bunny hill. When I arrived home my parents couldn't believe how much weight I lost. I weighed myself and I was down 65 lbs. I looked at my face and realized my acne was gone. I thought it must have been from all that washing of my face. I also noticed my legs looked bigger and arms more formed.

I didn't see anyone the next day and went on a long bike ride. The following day school started. I put on shorts and a tee shirt and went to school. I put on my biking shades and walked to school. When I arrived a few people looked at me and didn't recognize me. I walked to my locker and then went to my home room to get my class schedule. When I went to my seat a girl told me that seat was taken. I asked by who and when she said my name I told her that's me. I took off my shades and she smiled and said I must have had a good summer. I told her the best. As more people walked in the room they all looked at me and smiled. A lot of the girls were looking at me and a few of the guys asked what I did. I told them I rode my bike out west and ate only healthy food.

One guy asked me to make a muscle and when I did he felt it was hard and told me to keep it up.

When school ended I was walking home when my next door neighbor Monica pulled up next to me. She asked if I needed a ride home and I told her I like to walk. She told me to stop by after I got home. Twenty minutes later I was at her door and she came out onto the porch. She gave me a hug and told me that was the first time I didn't flinch when she went to hug me. I told her losing that weight gave me a lot of confidence. Monica smiled and told me I looked great and I should keep it up. I then asked if she ever wanted to go out on a date. Monica smiled and said yes. I told her Saturday I would take her to a movie and dinner.

The rest of the week was the same. I now rode to school and after Monica would take my books home and I would go off riding for two hours. On Saturday morning I woke up at 8 for a long 50 mile ride. I was back a few hours later and while cleaning my bike Monica walks in holding a water for me. She asked where I went and I told her 50 miles. She told me is was good seeing you so healthy and in shape again. After cleaning my bike I took off my shirt and Monica eyes got big. I asked was something wrong. She said I had a flat stomach and she could see I have grown since we played doctor at age 5. I looked down and my boys were transparent. I told her sorry and covered up. Monica told me don't be and came closer and then kissed me. I pulled away and then kissed her back. After a long kiss Monica pulled back and said her parents were out if I wanted to come over. We walked over holding hands and once in her house we started to kiss again. My hands were up her back and I felt no bra and then down her ass. When I gave her ass a squeeze Monica sighed. We went to her room and I took off my shorts and jock strap. Monica said it was bigger now than ten years ago. My dick was hard and Monica took off her shorts and shirt. She turned around and then took off her bra and panties. Her breasts were not big and her pussy was shaved. I sat on the bed and we started to kiss. Soon I was kissing her nipples and Monica asked me to put it inside her. I did and after a few stroked I cummed. I told her sorry and said I was a virgin. Monica laughed and said not anymore. I was still inside her when I was hard again. I took my time and after a few minutes Monica had an orgasm and I followed. As we were resting on our backs Monica told me she was glad I went away this summer. I told her I was too.




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