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All in One Night

Posted by: Author: Age: 16 then Posted on: 3 comments
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Awesome story that happened when I was fourteen. Wish I could do it again...


When I was sixteen and my brother was fourteen, his best friend came over to spend the night. We went swimming the afternoon that he arrived and while splashing each other and playing tag, Mike (my brothers friend who was fourteen too) asked me what jerking off was. I was pretty surprised, I thought that he'd know by now from some of his friends at school. When he told me he was serious, I told him that jerking off was rubbing your dick until you had an orgasm and shot cum. He thought it sounded pretty cool and asked me how people do it. Well, after moving out of earshot of my brother, I told him that some people use their hands to rub up and down on their dicks, some hump their pillows, and some people just get others to do it for them (I said the last part jokingly). He then completely surprised me by asking me if I would jerk him off.

That night he and I got together while my brother was asleep. He came into my room and I asked him if he was serious about what he asked me. He told me he was and asked me again if I would get him off. I jokingly said to him "How? You want me to suck you off or what?" After thinking about it for a few seconds, he said yeah. I was pretty taken aback by this since I was only joking when I said it. I thought for a minute and said "What the hell, sure. But you have to suck me off too." He agreed. Before I could even ask how he wanted to go about this, he had taken off his shirt and boxers and gotten into my bed. I did the same and lay down next to him. The first thing he did was go down between my legs and stick my rock hard cock in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around my head and licked my dick for a few minutes before stopping. He then looked at me and said "Alright, my turn." He lay down and I rolled over to face his dick. It wasn't small for an eleven year old. He didn't have any hair, but it was about five and a half inches and was cut. I got ready to suck dick for the first time. Nervous as hell, I lowered my mouth down and opened wide as his dick slid in. I closed my mouth and tasted his cock. From there I started to move up and down, licking at the same time. Mike started to squirm and moan, telling me how good it felt. I kept going and about ten minutes into it, I picked up the pace and Mike started breathing heavier. He told me he had to piss, but I just kept going since I knew he was going to cum for the first time and love it. Soon he asked me to stop, but I kept going faster. He bucked his hips and thrusted in time with my mouth. About thirty seconds later he filled my mouth with his cum. It tasted pretty good. He sighed and stopped moving. "That was the best thing I've ever felt!" he said. "Let me do you." I certainly didn't complain as he went down on me and even swallowed my cum. After it was all over, he went back to my brothers room to sleep and I jerked off again thinking about what had just happened. I'm not gay and nor is he, but it was just awesome that he and I could be so open about it. Needless to say we remained friends for a while, until I left for boarding school. I still see him sometimes, and maybe we might get together again... we'll see.



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