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All in a Day's work

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All in a Day's work by Joe (bpcuff@hotmail.com)
I've had a lot of great j/o sessions in my life, but this is one of the most fantastic, and totally unexpected. As a Dr., I have seen all shapes and sizes in my time, but there was one time when I had to say something.

This happened about 25 years ago, and haven't told anyone about this till now. My first job as a Dr. was with a practice in a mid-western college town. Most of my patients were college students, and generally healthy. One afternoon, I had a grad student scheduled for a physical that he needed for a summer internship. He was about 25 y/o, 6' tall, and handsome. He came into the office, and we went through the routine history questions. When it cam time for the exam, I told him to take his clothes off, except for his underwear, and to have a seat on the exam table while I let the room for a few minutes. When I cam back in, he was sitting on the exam table, and since I was Bisexual, and had been with guys before, I immediately noticed a huge bulge in his shorts. I guess he saw me looking at his crotch, and when I looked at him, he had a smile on his face! I started the exam with the head, and worked down through the abdomen, and finally to the groin.

When I got to the groin area, I asked him to remove his shorts, and there it was. One of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. It looked like a beer can between his legs, and not a 16 oz. can at that!! I have never said anything to a patient about their endowment, but I was so amazed at the size of his cock that I said "My God, what do you do with that thing?" He looked up at me, and with a smile, he said not much lately. I went on to ask him about that, and he told me that he had never had sex with a girl, nor had anyone ever given him oral sex because his cock was just to big!! He went on to say that he hasn't even been able to get off in the past several months, even though he masturbated several times a day, and was able to have an erection. I told him that I would do a thorough exam, and see if I could find any underlying problems.

As I started the exam of his testicles and cock, he began to get an erection, and before I knew it, he was fully erect. His cock just stood straight out, about 8" and cut, but like I said before, about the size of a beer can! I looked up towards his face, and he made a gesture with his eyes from mine to his cock, and I took that to be an invitation. I told him that I would try to correct his problem, and I took his cock in my hand and started massaging it from the base to his cockhead. It felt great, and it wasn't long before I could see some precum oozing from his cockhead, and I told him that I thought we were making some progress! Since his cock was so huge, I had to use both hands to completely surround his cock.

And then I felt it! He was reaching down, and started rubbing my already erect cock, and before I could say anything, he had my zipper down, and had my cock out and started jerking me off!! My cock is only average, about 6" cut, so to make it easier for him to reach my cock, I pulled the stool over closer, and stood up on it so that my cock was close to his. I continued to masturbate his cock, and used the precum, that was flowing freely by now, and used it to lubricate his ever-hardening cock. It seemed like hours that this went on, but probably only about 10 minutes, and his breathing was becoming more labored and I could see that he was about to have that elusive ejaculation that he so wanted… I jacked him off more intensely now, and he was increasing the rate that he was jerking me off, and it wasn't long before I could feel my balls begin to ache. I couldn't hold it any longer, and I began shooting a long hot stream of cum out over his cock and hands. I heard him begin to moan as my cum was now lubricating his cock and he tensed up as he also began to cum. He started shooting that cannon of his as stream after stream of hot musky cum shot out and hit has face and chest! I have never seen anyone go into a spasm as intense as he did that day! The smell of his cum mixing with mine was so fantastic that I can still smell it in my mind!! When we were done, we cleaned up, and I told him that I hoped that the "exam" cured his problem. He responded that he thought it would certainly give him the incentive he needed to get himself off in the future!!

We met several more times for j/o sessions, but this time away from the office; he got the internship, and during the summer while he was gone, I took another job out of the area, and we haven't seen each other again.



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