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All Change....

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The pubic hair is gone! I grew it back in because I rather liked the "pubescent" look, but I soon remembered why I got rid of it in the first place. I'm one of those girls who,is permanently wet, and mostly very VERY wet. Sticky pubes, or "claggy" pubes as my sister calls them aren't much fun! 


Shakespeare said "To be, or not to be." For me, it's "cock or cunt." I've been trying to decide which I like best. Trouble is, I can't. I like both at different times and for different reasons. I find I am quite analytical sometimes when it comes to sex. 

Sex with a fit-looking guy has a definite element of it being "done to me"....a muscle-bound hunk fucking you through the mattress has its appeal, but then sex with a girl is, at one end of the scale, far softer and romantic, and at the other far more erotic, almost savage. A girl fucking me with a strap on....nope....not the same by any means. A dildo is a dildo. A cock is a cock. 

So, when it comes to it, would I have a man or a woman as a life partner? I would have stayed with Amy for life, but then she was ok with me getting laid when I needed to. Maybe I need to find another Amy, but once bitten.......

A guy who really knows what he's doing? Hmmm....yes....that can be fun, and no, age doesn't matter to me a jot. Some of the best orgasms I've had with a man have come from a guy who is past 50. He can read me like a book and can control his own orgasm until I've had about twenty! 

Wetness. A girls secret weapon. It changes, both in quantity and scent as we go through our cycle, and I'm sure that way back when we lived in caves, it gave off signals as to whether we were ready for mating or not. Wetness is embarrassing, but also a fuckload of fun, once you get past the "nice girls don't" bollocks. 

I like wet knickers. I like the way they feel. I like the way they smell (both mine and others) and I like wetting them with pee as well as pussy. Why? Because it feels nice. It feels naughty. It feels horny. More people like it than you might think. I was with a man once who asked me what I'd like to do next. I told him I'd like to wet myself on him. Although he looked a little uncomfortable at the thought, he agreed. I pulled my knickers back on and sat across his Now flaccid cock, and very slowly let it go into my knickers. By the time I'd finished, he was fully hard again.....like a fucking rocket! He proceeded to fuck me into unconsciousness. 

Then again, I've also been known to squat in the woods like an innocent little virgin, and pee myself. The naughtiness of it makes my nipples hard, and I have to masturbate afterwards, every time. 

When I was 13, I remember walking home from school with a boy I liked. I told him I needed to pee and that he could watch me if he liked. Nothing sexual happened, but I remember my heart pounding because this was the first time I'd ever showed anyone my quim. Maybe that's where the association is for me?

I'm lying in bed, but it's not my own. I'm covered in sweat, and I'm still breathing hard. The top sheet I crumpled around me, and I feel well and truly fucked. I can feel sperm between my legs and I know that when I stand up, there will be a lot more. Mike is like a fucking fire hose when he cums, as I discovered the first time I sucked him off. My panties are crumpled on the pillow by my head. He likes to smell them just as he cums inside me. I wriggled into them knowing they will catch the sperm when I start to move. I dress quickly and leave. I hadn't intended to go back to his this morning, and certainly hadn't intended leading him straight upstairs and into his bedroom and fucking him into being late for court! 

I am supposed to be with him, but this case is something I've done many times now, and he's told me there's no need to be there. (It's surprising how much sex goes on between employees at this firm. I gather it's not at all unusual because the high level of stress needs relief, and sometimes it just won't wait).

I've decided to go home, and Mikes place isn't that far, so I'm walking. Every step I can feel him running out of me into my knickers. It makes me smile. I've just been fucked senseless, and here I am, walking down a village lane, leaking sperm into my knickers. What a slut...hehehehe. 

As I turn left toward my farmhouse, Anna calls me from the cottage opposite. Anna and I have begun a very loose relationship. We're not lovers, but, well, let's just say I know what she tastes like. 

She wants to talk. There's no one home and we go up to her room. She's surprised I, home so early, but I tell her legal work is like that. I take a god look at her and I realise she is horny! The dilated pupils, the slightly flaring nostrils, the faint barely pereceptible flush on her neck and, oh yes, the visible nipples that tell me she isn't wearing a bra. 

She makes small talk and shifts her position slightly on the bed. Hmmm....no knickers either. I bet anything she was planning to masturbate when she saw me, and now wants a repeat of,what we did a few weeks ago. 

I'm right. She is displaying. It couldnt be more clear. Now, she has just told me how wet she's been all week, and how she needs to get herself off. But she doesn't mean that. She wants sex with me.....oh well.....time to fess up. 

I tell her that I've just been fucked. And that he came in me. And that I haven't showered yet. Anna hasn't had a man, I know that for a fact. Her eyes widen. "He did it in you? Oh wow!" She asks to see. Oh well, why not. 

I hop up on her bed, and ask her for a towel. I sit on it and tug my knickers off. There is a heavy sticky patch in the gusset that Anna really seems interested in. "So it just comes out?" I tell her some ismabsorbed, but yes, a lot comes out. She stares at my quim.oh fuck, I like that! When anyone just looks hard at my quim I get wet.....which is a problem at the doctor's! Anna is really interested. She's so close, I can feel her breath on the wetness and it's not helping. I tell her that it's important to wash as soon as you can because, well, it can start t smell unpleasant if you don't. "Smells amazing now though" she says and kisses me right on my clit! Before I know it she is lapping at my hole. "Mmmmm tastes different...salty.....nice though" too fucking right it's nice. I place my hand n the back of her head. In for a penny.......

I remind her this is live sperm. Get this between your legs and nine months from now......apparently it's ok. She's on the pill for period reasons. 

Fuck, her tongue is good though. She's got a long tongue, and it's inside me now. I notice she has one hand between her legs too. She's kneeling there, licking my mans cum out of me and masturbating......lovely. 

I feel myself getting close and warn her that I may push more cum out when I....er....cum. 

She doesn't reply, so I just give in to the orgasm. It's not the biggest I've ever had, after all, I've already cum twice this morning....but I hear Anna swallowing and that keeps it going for a while. Then I see her search her back and she cums.

Kissing a girl who has sperm round her lips is lovely, I must admit. 

I still don't know.....cock or cunt. The more I think about it, anyone I'm with long term may have to accept I need both. 



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