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All About Abby

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The lead up to and my first time with Abby.

I met Abby the first day of Freshman year in high school. At first she kind of annoyed me because she was a bit of a loud mouth. She almost always had something to say about everything. We ended up having two classes and PhysEd together so I had plenty of chances to get sick of her. In second hour on the third day of classes the teacher decided to rearrange the class to split up some people who weren't paying enough attention and I got moved right beside Abby. At first I thought I would have to kill her before the week was over, but by the end of the first week she was starting to grow on me. We started joking around in class together and afterwards in the halls and I pretty quickly started to develop a crush on her. She was a little taller than me, but still on the smaller side. Not much of a butt or hips, but her butt was tight and her firm B cup tits were just about perfectly in proportion with the rest of her body. Watching her change clothes and shower in the locker room didn't help matters any. She was one of those girls who just isn't shy about walking around totally nude when around other girls. I had a boyfriend at this time, but I still messed around with Kara and masturbated quite often. We started hanging out away from school, but I didn't really know how to approach her sexually so I just hid my feelings for her and rubbed myself while thinking about her as I lay in bed some nights. And then the events of Friends of a Feather happened. A few days after that we were having lunch together and we found ourselves talking about sex. We told each other about our first times with guys and then I decided to tell her about my first time with a girl. She seemed a little shocked and maybe even weirded out by this. Later that day in the shower she kept giving me strange looks. I think she may have been checking to see if I was checking her out, which I totally did from time to time. But I behaved myself this time and by the next day we were pretty much back to normal. A few days later we were hanging out after school in her room and she started to ask me about being with girls. I was far from being an expert on girl-on-girl sex, but I answered all of her questions to the best of my abilities. After a while she asked a pretty big question of whether or not I would like to have sex with her. I tried to play it cool and told her that sure I wouldn't mind messing around with her if she wanted to. Of course my panties were pretty much soaked at this point. She moved over close to me and started to kiss me. A bit shyly and hesitantly at first, but she got into it rather quickly and we were feeling each other up and french kissing before much time had passed. After maybe ten minutes of this we pulled away from each other because we weren't exactly in a time or place where we could count on enough privacy to do what I certainly wanted to do. I was pretty much aching to orgasm at this point. We called it a night and I went home to get myself off in the shower. Later that night she called me and started telling me how horny she was from earlier. I told her about getting off in the shower and she said she had been planning to get herself off after going to bed. One thing lead to another and we began talking dirty and playing with ourselves. We even ended up sending each other a few badly lit pics. We both ended up getting ourselves off. Before ending the call she asked me if I would like to hang out on Friday night and sleep over. I agreed without even thinking about it. Friday night came we we did all the normal teenage stuff that an average Friday night entails like riding around with older teens who had cars and hanging out in front of places we couldn't get into because we were too young until we got chased off by security guards or cops. But this time was different. It was even different than when I had been out with guys whom I was planning to have sex with at the end of the night (ok so at this point I had only been with one guy). There were moments when it was very date like and we would find ourselves holding hands or even sneaking kisses and other times when it was more like two friends hanging out together. The fact that I was practically dipping wet the whole night didnt help. Finally a bit before midnight (we were supposed to be back at 11) we get back to her house and head to her room. We got some pop and made some popcorn and told her mom that we were going to watch a movie and then go to bed. We locked her bedroom door, started up a movie with the volume loud enough to cover up any noises we might make, and started to undressed each other. She started by removing my top (I was braless as I find it kind of pointless to wear one with my tiny tits) and then slowly feeling of my breasts and kissing them. She was really into this and so I let her enjoy herself for as long as she wanted. My nipples were hard and tingling by the time she moved back up to kissing me on the lips. I took over for a while now and removed her top and bra and started playing with her breasts as well. I sucked her nipples until they were hard enough to cut glass and then moved back up to kiss her some more. We kissed and fondled each other like this for a long while before I pulled off my jeans and panties and laid down on her bed with my legs spread for her. She pulled her jeans off as well and sat down between my legs. She spent a short time just looking at me and caressing my legs and thighs and belly and breasts and then began kissing her way down my leg. She started at my knee and slowly moved down my leg planting a kiss every few inches. Nobody had ever done anything like this to me before and as she got closer and closer to the junction of my legs I felt like I was near to cumming without her even touching my pussy. My labia were swollen and my pussy really was dripping at this point and then she started to suck on my labia and rub me with her fingers and I couldn't keep from cumming right then and there. She eased off and let me enjoy my orgasm and then went right back to it. She eased a finger inside of me and when that slid in with very little effort she put a second one in me. She used her mouth and tongue to stimulate my labia and clit while slowly but steadily fingering me and to my amazement had me orgasming again after only a few minutes. I did my best to keep quiet, but I really wanted to scream out from the pleasure she was giving me. It was wonderful, but I am not the type to receive without giving so I lifted her head out of my snatch and started kissing her as I pushed her onto her back. I kissed my way down her tight body and quickly pulled her panties off. I gazed at her beautiful pussy with its neatly trimmed patch of hair and saw that she was as swollen and wet as I was. I didnt waste anytime kissing my way down her legs or anything like that though. I dove in tongue first and started displaying my more advanced skill level when it came to the sacred art of cunnilingus. I teased her labia and her hole with my tongue. I licked all around the outside of her labia and then did the same to the inside before pushing my tongue as far inside her as possible. I then moved on to her clit and went straight to fingering her with two fingers because I could tell that she was more than ready enough. Within minutes I felt her begin to squeeze and convulse around my fingers as her first orgasm took hold of her. She moaned and panted and twined her fingers through my hair and pulled my head up so she could kiss me. As we kissed I kept fingering her and she whispered in my ear that she wanted another finger in her so I obliged her by working a third one inside of her. She pulled me up higher so she could suck my nipples while I was working my fingers in and out of her. She began to thrust her hips to the rhythm of my fingering and began to bite down on my nipple as she came again. With both of us sweating and panting we laid together on her bed just staring deeply into each others eyes. As we got our breathing back under control we started kissing each other softly and caressing each other. This established the pattern for the night. It was well after 3am before we finally passed out fully exhausted if not fully sated. In the weeks that followed we were either having sex or thinking about it. We became very close and even officially became girlfriends. For a time I was with both her and Cody, but he got jealous about it eventually even though both Abby and I were willing to share the other with him. Beside a few threesomes with him we also got Kara into the act a few times. Abby and I ended up coming out as bi together and openly dating until late Senior year.



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