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Afternoon Treat

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Attention fellow 'jerk-offs': Always remember that you never know when a sexy opportunity will 'pop-up'!

Just about 3 hours ago, I was covering my business route, delivering copier supplies, when I was coming close to a famous fast food chain. I had eaten lunch hours ago and was now ready for a little sweet afternoon treat.

I pulled in and thought they might be closed since there was only one other car. As I entered the place, I saw the only other customer, seated alone at a little table by a window. I sized her up: not bad from a distance. I got my shake and went to sit at a table that was across from her, at an angle. I could see clearly under her table which was about 8 feet away from mine. Her denim mini was hiked up pretty far and she had one hand resting between her legs as girls will often do when they sit down in a mini skirt.

Funny thing happened though. She caught me looking at her legs (kinda skinny, but not bad) and moved her hand to the table. So I could get a better look, I wondered. Nah, I should be so lucky. I looked at my milk shake then back at her, and she was staring right at me! Not smiling or anything, just a blank look. As she stared me down, her legs started to open up! She looked around to see if anyone was watching us, I guess, then really spread her legs wide, right in my direction. I smiled right at her but still the blank expression. I now had an excellent view of her crotch covered by bluish-gray silky panties with a flowery design.

She still had her cup in her right hand when she put her left hand in her lap and started a slow circular massage. I heard her draw in a breathe quite sharply as she got to the spot where her clit must have been. I was having a little trouble believing what I was seeing-a total stranger playing with herself right in front of me, but my dick was starting to feel the pressure of straining against my pants. So I made a quick and hasty decision as I too looked over to the counter to see if anyone was watching.

The coast was clear so I unzipped and pulled my stiffening cock out, first hiding it with my other hand, then as I saw her pull her panties to the side, I started stroking.

I positioned myself closer to the edge of my table where she could get a clear view of my own masturbation activity. The second she saw my dick in my hand, she really got hot. Her panties were now pulled completely out of the way and I had a wonderful view of her entire cunt. She had the middle finger of one hand furiously fucking her pussy, and the other hand was rubbing her clit from side to side and then in a circle. I started to hear squishing sounds as she finger-fucked herself. She was looking right at my hard cock now as I started jerking a little faster. I really didn't want this to end any time soon, but it looked like she was on the verge of coming herself and then this surreal jacking and jilling session would be over, so I decided to try to time it to come when she did.

Right then, I don't know why, but she stopped. She took her finger out of her really WET pussy and licked her own wetness off. Wow! She spread her inner lips real wide and continued working on her clit with the other hand. Her hips starting bucking a little and her pussy was open wide enough so I could actually see her start to contract in there. That was it for me. I held my half empty cup in place, shot 3 or 4 long streams of come, most of it hitting the cup.

She was watching every second of my ejaculation and we both got off at just about the same time.

She bucked her hips and kind of shook her whole body a couple more times, then she just seemed to go limp.

I put my cock away, she closed her legs, and I got up and went over to her. We had not yet spoken. I said something like Hi my name is Sid.

She finally smiled and said: Hi, I'm Debbie and I really needed that. Hi, Debbie, I said, and handed her my business card. My home phone number is at the bottom. We shook hands, and I could smell the wonderful musky scent on her fingers. My cock was about half hard again, but I had to get back to work.

As I was leaving, I looked back and saw Debbie at my table putting the top on the cup containing the milk shake/semen mixture. I wrote down her tag just in case she does not call me. I have a friend on the police force who might help me find her.

I am now waiting for her to call. If she does, I will read this to her and ask if I left anything out. I'll let you know. And remember, all you fellow 'jack-offs' out there: Always be ready for any opportunity that might arise. You just might run across a jilling Debbie of your own!



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