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Afternoon Session

Posted by: Age: 47 Posted on: 1 comments
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Anal play


Picking up where I left off in my earlier story, I had prepped myself for an afternoon of fun by cleaning out, showering and had walked around the house and prepared some viewing entertainment with a medium buttplug for about an hour. After I had loosened up my slippery, wet asshole enough for the buttplug to sit nicely inside, rather than try to pop back out, and I was so turned on that I was almost ready to cum I retired upstairs for the main course.

I popped a stream of anal vids on the TV in the bedroom,got naked, laid down on my side and grabbed my large buttplug. This is one of the elongated models, which I tried on a whim and have come to enjoy deeply...I lubed it up and slipped that big end in my asshole. It was so cool and slippery, and so much bigger than the medium! It began stretching my ass as I worked it in and out. I rolled up a towel put it behing my ass to give the plug something to push against, and started rocking back and forth and really working into the stretch. I was nice and loose, and I got the plug in all the way quickly. I was still tight, though, and the plug wanted to pop back out! So I sqeezed my cheeks together and enjoyed the delicious feeling of fullness, and the dirty embarrassment of how much I love getting fucked in the ass. Every once in a while I would gently rock the thick end of the plug in and out of my ass...god it was hot and I was again ready to cum.

After a while, I grabbed my big, black dildo. This thing is...substantial. Not a Dick rambone, I'm not there yet, but it's a 10"er with about 2.5" at it's widest, smooth and thick. I sucked the head a little, licking it and tasting it, savoring the fact that it would soon be in my ass. Ass I rolled around a bit, enjoying the big plug working on my prostate, I lubed up the the big, black monster. Then, I slipped the big plug out, put the tip of my dildo against my asshole and slipped it in, slowly and gently. This thing is a step up from the large plug, and I was feeling filthy. I rubbed my nipples as I worked the big dildo in deeper, rocking it around and in and out. I switched to my knees as I got in toe the rhythm, and pumped up and down while I savored the feeling of being a big anal slut. Once I get to this point, I am pretty much there so I dropped a dollop of lube on my cock and began stroking as I pumped the big dildo deep in my ass. So slippery and loose, so wet on my dick, stroking and pumping...quickly I blew a huge load of hot cum, and savored the feel of the dildo's big head slipping out of my asshole.

Completely relaxed, I fell back on the bed and let the lube ooze out of my ass. Damn, I don't do this often, but when I do I do it up right and really enjoy it to the...fullest.



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