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After the event

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A frustrating evening of promised sex ends with taking it out on her new knickers.


The whole evening had been a sexual windup. I had returned from working abroad and hooked up with Emily who I hadn’t seen for a while, in anticipation of a night of hot horny sex. I had even brought her a promised present from Victoria’s Secret at the airport. Along with all the other men buying homecoming gifts for their wives and girlfriends, except I knew exactly the size she was and what underwear she preferred. These were a sweet, silky, pale yellow with fine lace trim. Not a thong, but cut briefly at the back so they would ride up her bottom and frame her lovely arse. I knew she would love them and I couldn’t wait to see what she looked like wearing nothing else. Visions of her in all her finery passed through my horny mind..the various matching outfits she had bought, not just to please me but for her own enjoyment as much as anything.
Of course she looked stunning. As we took our seats in the restaurant I could see the spark was still there.
“Guess what, I’m not wearing any knickers” she smirked.
This could only mean one thing, or so I thought..
“Just as well I bought you some then” I handed her the cute little pink bag with the bow and the magic logo. Her eyes lit up. “I might just have to go to the ladies and put these on then..”
I could only imagine how hot she must look, pulling them up over bottom, the sliding fit of silk and lace over her cunt. I could hardly wait to unwrap her...
I could scarcely detect the outline of them as she returned to her seat with that smile I knew so well, they must have slipped right up her sweet cunt. Exactly where I wanted to tongue her and her randy little clit through them. (I knew that she was far too sensitive there for me to touch her directly, and preferred the silky or lacy friction).

When the perfectly served courses and very pleasant bottle of red had finished, and the conversation had turned to what would come next, she anticipated me. Leaning forward Emily murmured, but probably loud enough for the two girls at the next table to hear;
“I know you’re dying to fuck me senseless, and these lovely new knickers you bought me are really making me feel super horny, but I’m afraid I can’t tonight. My daughter will be at home and I would make a lot of noise” she giggled. “Next time, when I bring a change of clothes for work I can stay at yours.”
I looked crestfallen. She knew I had really been looking forward to fucking her so she took pity on me. 

“You better keep these in the meantime” Emily reached under the table and slid her damp panties off and into my hand.
“I was thinking you were going to make use of them tonight?” I protested, feeling the warm and wet little scrap of material in my hand.
“Actually you are. Think of me darling.”

That was it. I saw her to a cab. Kissed her willing, open mouth goodbye, squeezed her now naked arse through her skirt, and she was gone. Leaving me to ponder what might have been, with a raging hard on. Her screwed up panties were like a sweet ache in my pocket.
When I got home I undressed, took a shower and lay on my newly made bed, still hard, and laid her soft panties over my aching cock. They were still damp from being up inside her and as I brought them to my face I could smell her familiar sexy scent. I imagined how they would look as they disappeared between her arse cheeks, the silky material caressing her cunt. It was all too much. I wrapped them around my cock and began wanking into them. I wanted more. Dare I put them on?. They were delicate and I didn’t want to rip them but on the other hand I could always buy her another pair.. what the hell.
The sensation as I drew them up my naked thighs and over my straining cock was unbelievable. They were far too small to contain it and the swollen aching head stood proud of the skimpy lace. The silky yellow material outlined my erection temptingly. If she could see me now...she’d probably do something about it. I wondered if it would turn her on, me laying here wanking over the memory of her, about to spunk all over her new panties. She would let her deft fingers trail over my crotch and behind my swollen balls. That would do it for me. It did. As I reached down and caressed myself between my legs, I erupted in spurt after spurt of hot spunk, drenching her knickers and even hitting my chest. I could feel her pretty ruined panties sliding sweetly over my arse.
Well if they did that for me, imagine the effect they would have on her? Should I return them to her next time we met? Washed? Or dirty?



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