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After the Argument

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This happened between my friend and I when we were in eighth grade. My friend's older brother was a high school dropout that was around eighteen at the time.

This particular weekend I went to my friend's house. He and his older brother got into an argument. They were throwing insults back and forth. All I remember was that whatever started the argument was small, and it escalated into World War Three. Their Mother was never a strong disciplinarian, so all she would say was 'I'm sick of this sh-t,' over and over.

The argument really took a turn for the worse when my friend said, 'At least my dad is not a drug addict.' (They have different fathers.) His brother said, 'Now I will embarrass you. This motherf-cker humps his f-cking pillow every night.'

My friend was saying 'Whatever,' and 'Screw you,' and 'F-cking liar' the whole time his brother is alleging all this stuff about him.

Meanwhile I was very interested, because all these deep dark secrets were making me hard as a rock. Big brother reached into a drawer and took out a tube. He squeezed out the contents, which was clear lubricant, and then threw the tube at my friend.

By this point my friend was obviously wanting to cry, but instead he tried to push his brother out of the room with more insults. His brother said, 'You are a f--t. I know that you jack off with other boys.' After that his brother just laughed, then got into an argument with his mom before eventually leaving.

As soon as he left the room, my friend just kicked the door all the way shut and tried to act like everything was normal. He was shaking like a leaf and trying to act like he wanted to play video games.

Later that night I steered the conversation to jacking off. Because I knew so many secrets about him, I felt very comfortable exposing my five inch uncircumcised penis and jacking off in front of him. He silently watched for about two minutes. Then he spoke up and said, 'I never saw a dick that was not circumcised.'

He pulled my foreskin back, looked at my penis head, and then showed me his penis for comparison. That whole night we talked about how much he hated his brother, and we jacked off together. From then on, every time we were alone we jacked off.

I still see my friend, but not as often since he moved in with his father. We still jack off together sometimes, just not nearly as often as we did between eighth and tenth grades.



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