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After School Activities

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Cumming after school.


It was an ordinary day and spring was finally in full bloom so I wore a skirt. Everything was business as usual until 3rd period when I had a science and a less than stellar teacher who didn't care what we did. I was with my friend Marcus. Boys being boys, Marcus decided to put his pen up my skirt.  I was feeling flirty and playful and told him I wasn't going to get the pen for him and he was suddenly without a method to take notes.   Marcus had "no choice" and decided to get the pen himself.  He reached up my skirt and pretended he couldn't find it so he could spend more time in the vicinity of my nether regions.   As he was feeling around it was getting me wet but I didn't tell him and he didn't actually get close enough to know.  I treacherously sat there and did my work while he did his.  


The next period I had was general music and there was a substitute teacher notorious for leniency. Marcus was in this class with me as well. We were working together on the music profect and he kept touching me and going up my skirt.  It was getting harder and harder to pretend that I wasn't completely worked up, horny as hell and wet as could be.  Alas, all good things come to an end and class did as well.  I saw Marcus later and he asked me to stay after school.


The girls' softball team was playing at home that day and it was at the game that we met up again. We wondered away for a while to the lake that was close to the school. He begged to see my pussy, but before I could say yes, he turned around and was holding me tightly and he asked if I was ok with him doing "something". It sounded very mysterious and I was intrigued.  I agreed with this "something" and we had some playful teenage banter about the color of my panties.  He asked the color and I told him they were black.  How very sexy for a 14-year old.  Marcus almost lost it.  He was got turned on and I could feel his hardness pressing against me from behind his pants. He moved his hand closer and closer to my pussy. I felt like I may gush into his hand.  He started to rub my pussy very gently and that was enough to get me to breathing hard and he asked if it was ok if he put his fingers inside of me.  I wasn't sure, but I couldn't say no.  He was slowly fingering me with pressure on my clit from his palm.  I held off my orgasm for all of about 12 seconds.  I guess Marcus could feel my vaginal wall spasming against his fingers because he let out a small grunt and I saw a small wet spot spread across his pants shortly thereafter.  


We were both a little embarrassed, but continued meeting after school like this for the rest of the year.  I eventually got to hold his cock in my hands and mouth and Marcus didn't have to worry about ruining his pants anymore.  As it turns out, I had and still have a pretty serious cum fetish and I took care of all of his cum for him after that day.


I still think he may have the most magical fingers I've ever encountered.



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