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After Race Party

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A night of naked partying


The banners read" Show Your Tits" and "Party Naked" . My wife Anne and her friend Sarah obliged by removing their tops of their bathing suits. Myself and Sarah's boyfriend Hank were in swimming trunks. We had just crossed the finish line and were heading toward a huge raft up for the annual Columbus Day Regatta held on Biscayne Bay near Miami. Each year the race attracted hundreds of boats which would anchor out overnight. Mostly they would gather in groups of about a dozen boats all tied together so people could walk from boat to boat and party.

We found our raft up which was gathered around a large motor boat that had a bar on the aft shaded part of the deck. People were having frozen drinks and swimming naked off the back of the boat. A banner draped over the side proclaimed "Naked Only" We tied up and shed our remaining clothes and went over for a frozen drink and a swim.

As we floated on our inflatable chairs we took in the wonderful sights of those bodies around us. Sarah and Hank saw an acquaintance and headed off to say Hi. Anne and I went for a refill at the bar. Nearby a guy was giving a woman a massage on the table. Laying on her stomach she was totally relaxed as he worked her over. We took our drinks back to our boat to sit in the shade. On the way there we overheard a woman comment that the massage was the best she had ever had. Anne decided she would ask for one too.

She went back just as the woman who was getting worked on earlier was leaving. The masseuse told her something and she in turn said something to my wife who was now up on the table. Anne looked over and gave a little wave to me. The woman got a drink and headed over to my boat and introduced herself as Stephanie.

We chatted and she told me how good the massage was and that my wife was sure to enjoy it. There we sat, both naked, as we watched Anne get her back and neck rubbed by an expert. He worked over her muscles until she was nearly limp from relaxation. He continued on to her legs and feet. As he worked back up to her thighs I noticed that his hand would ever so briefly brush up by her crotch. I could see a little moisture begin to form as his hand brushed past her slit.

He had her turn over and began once again at her head. This time he rubbed her breasts and played with her nipples as well. I could see she was getting a little aroused. Her nipples stood up from his attention. He continued to her legs once again and this time as he got to the top of her thighs he made sure to make contact with her nicely trimmed red bush. Stephanie commented that Anne was going to enjoy it and that I obviously liked watching as my dick was now standing straight up. She reached over and rubbed it as the masseuse was now concentrating on my wife's pussy.

By now Anne had pulled her feet close to her butt and her legs were spread far apart with both her hands tucked under her butt so that she could push against his hands as her masturbated her. Stephanie said the best was yet to come, she wrapped her lips around me as she stroked away with her hands. The masseuse now put a wand vibrator on Anne's parted pussy lips and she was quivering with a building orgasm. Her pussy was flowing, leaving a puddle on the table. She let out a yelp and her muscles shook her whole body as she exploded with an incredible orgasm. After he removed the wand she just laid there and shook for over a minute. I came as well into Stephanie's mouth just filling her more than I though possible. As she sat up some of my cum dripped from her mouth onto her nipples.

Anne finally sat up as the masseuse said something to her. She looked over and gave a little wave as she noted the sperm on Stephanie's chin and tits. Another woman climbed on the table and Anne headed in the direction the woman had pointed to. Stephanie then told me what the masseuse had told her. She was to go take care of the woman's boyfriend / husband while he gave the woman an orgasm. Kind of a pass it on type of thing.

As the woman was getting her fun I could occasionally see Anne's red hair bobbing between some guys legs at the far end of the raft up. Meanwhile, Stephanie was taking very good care of me.

It had grown dark and the wind was picking up and it began to rain. The waves were getting bigger and boats were untying and separating so as not to bang into each other. I waited for Anne to return as long as I could but it became apparent I could not wait longer so Stephanie and another woman helped me untie and separate from the group. My wife was naked when she left and was now on some other boat. Who knows where Sarah and Hank were.

That night the three of us took advantage of of situation and we all took turns giving each other pleasure. I masturbated while they watched and they did likewise. I watched and stroked myself as they ate each other out. 

The next morning it was sunny again and the boats tied themselves together again so that everyone could get back to where they belong. As Anne climbed back aboard still naked, I noted that her nicely trimmed bush was now gone and that there were 4 hickeys near her pussy lips. She always wanted a hickey whenever I ate her out but only one of them was mine. I could see a small trail of cum draining from her lips that ran a few inches down her leg. She could see something similar on Stephanie and the other woman. We had all had our fun.

Sarah and Hank returned, both naked as well. They had gotten stranded as well and as we exchanged stories I learned their time had been very similar to mine. Anne had spent the night naked on a boat with three men and no other women (this explains the three extra hickeys). She returned very well used and satisfied. As she sat and told us of her night cum still dripped from her now clean shaven pussy. She had been filled time and again.

We made plans to return again the next year.



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