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After Lunch

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A little dessert after breakfast


My wife and I had been out to a formal lunch one Sunday afternoon. My wife wore a light blue knee length dress that buttoned down the front from top to bottom and a simple strand of pearls. I had worn my favorite gray business suit. When we got home we both headed back to our bedroom to change into jeans and t-shirts in order to go about our ordinary weekend chores. Once in the bedroom I hung my coat over the back of a chair and turned around and walked over to my wife as she was reaching behind her neck to unclasp the pearl necklace. I put my hands on her shoulders from behind and said you look beautiful in that outfit. She put her hands down and turned to face me. I said I love you; she smiled and said I love you too. We embraced and planted tender kisses on each other's lips. I do not know how long the kiss went on, but as the embrace got tighter and the kiss deeper as it all went on. Somewhere during the hugging and kissing my crotch must have brushed her. She broke the embrace and said you're getting excited. I asked how do you know? She smiled and said oh, women can tell.

She sat down on the edged of the bed and said come here. When I was within her reach she grabbed me by the belt and said let's see if I'm right. She pulled me closer, unzipped the fly on my pants, reached into my briefs and pulled out a rapidly growing erection. She gently teased the head of my cock with tips of the fingers of both her hands and pulled it up so she could stare right at the tip of what was nearing full staff. Then she leaned forward, gently pulled outward from either side of the head of my circumcised penis head and rapidly gave the tip of my urethra three firm flicks with the tip of her tongue. With that action I moaned and trembled a little. She let go of my penis grabbed a hold of my belt again and said let me see what I can do about this situation. She undid my belt and pants, let them drop to the floor, and goes back to lightly stroking just the head of my rock hard cock. So now she's fully clothed sitting on the edge of the bed and I'm standing in front of her with a dress shirt and tie on with a big erection staring into her face.

She then let loose of me, stood up beside me, pushed me onto the bed, and situates herself next to me leaning against my hip stares a piercing gaze directly at the erection poking from my briefs and goes back to lightly stroking only the head of it. Times like this are hard to measure but my guess is that after two or three minutes of this action I was squirming a bit. The way we were positioned I could only stroke one side of her neck and one shoulder. I took my hands off her for a second to loosen my tie and she stopped her work and said we need to make you more comfortable. As she moved up on the bed to undo my tie my hands were able to reach her breasts and I massaged them. She got my tie off and thrust her breasts into my strong hands. She started to unbutton my shirt. And this allowed me the opportunity to unbutton her dress down to below her bra line. My hands were now inside her dress massaging her perfect 36Bs, and she said you're going to have to sit up a bit for me to get this shirt off you. As my shirt came off my hands hand to come out of her dress. When she sat up to set my shirt aside she scooted back down the bed grabbed the waistband of my briefs and said lift your hips so I can get these off. When I was totally nude she moved back up on the bed so I could get my hands inside her dress to massage her bra covered breasts and we could do a little neck nibbling and kissing. The break in action allowed me to regain my composure. She was using her entire hand to lightly grip my erection and stroked slowly. After awhile she stopped stroking me, pulled my right hand to my penis and said you just keep doing what I was doing.

She got out of bed, reached under her dress and pulled off her panties and panty hose in one quick motion. She then started working on neat trimmed public patch while giving my cock and balls a firm and furious stroking. Watching her stimulating her beautiful box was pushing me to my limits. After a minute or two of this she quit all of her handwork and climbed over my legs to straddle me. She then positioned my throbbing cock at the deep V of her breasts and slowly started moving. She moaned and slowly started grinding away. It only took a minute of slow grinding before I was groaning and coming against her chest. She gave three more long slow hip thrusts, let out a whimper, leaned forward and started several seconds of short quick thrusts. I managed to grab her breasts and massage them and she gave out one final whimper and fell into my arms. We lay there together for a minute just holding each other. She rolled off me. The feeling of my wimp cock sliding out of hot wet pussy and hitting cool air when her skirt was pulled off of my waist is something I'll never forget.

I never did get the yard mowed that afternoon.



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