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After a Game with Alan

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A game of badminton led on to an adventure.


It was a Thursday evening some months ago that I first saw Alan at the badminton club. He was getting ready in the changing room when I walked in. Realizing he was a stranger, I smiled at him and he smiled back. He was brown-haired and blued-eyed and about average height; but he was well 'put together', if you know what I mean! He'd firm shoulders, good abs. and pecs., very shapely thighs - and a pert, attractively 'slapable' bum!

As we changed into our kit, we chatted and I discovered he'd only recently arrived in the town and that this was his first visit to the badminton club. When we were ready, I took him in with me and, as it was early in the evening, we straight away found a vacant court and started a knock around. I quickly realized he was a better than average player and so I spent a pleasant time – almost an hour – playing with him. When we at last finished to take a breather, we went into the snack bar where we settled with a couple of orange drinks.

As we chatted on, I discovered he was 19 (though he looked younger) and that he'd recently moved into a bed-sit in the town; because he was working for a well-known insurance company which had a large local branch. I also gathered that his relationship with his parents was not of the rosiest. They resented, it seemed, that he'd gotten this job and moved away from home, and they kept pestering him to go back. They did this even though his job was well paid and he had good prospects for the future.

Anyway, we both of us stayed at the club, each playing a number of different opponents, until about 9-00pm. We then showered, and I was able to observe that he'd a cute, 'suckable' uncut penis. I felt sure it would give a good account of itself if properly stimulated.

When we were ready, I took him across the road to the pub and we had a couple of swift halves, and I learned a bit more about him. Whilst listening, I realized that Alan, though happy with his new job, was feeling somewhat lonely. When we left the pub and I was driving him home, I gave him my address and mobile phone number and told him to contact me at any time if he felt at a loose end. He greeted my offer with a genuinely grateful smile and said, yes, he would contact me.

The next night, about 7 o'clock, and unannounced, he arrived on my doorstep!

Naturally, I invited him in and we had an enjoyable evening, consuming a couple of beers, and watching a game of soccer international on the TV. After sandwiches and coffee, I drove him back to his bed-sit and, as I left him, I told him he was always welcome at my place.

During the next fortnight, he came to see me four times – and always sought me out at the badminton club! I was pretty sure that he wanted more than just companionship in his loneliness. I was also sure he'd not make any sort of advance because, well, he was just a rather shy lad. I realized if anyone was to make the advance, it would have to be me; so I began to wonder how I could do that.

As so often happens in these situations, the opportunity just came out of the blue. He arrived at my place one Wednesday evening about 7 o'clock and, as I let him in, I sensed he was not too happy. He was taking off his anorak when I said to him, “You look a bit down in the mouth, Alan. Is there anything wrong?” Yes, he told me, he'd had a row on the phone with his folks. They'd rung him up and complained that he'd not been home for some time, and they'd not had many phone calls either. “But they only want me back, Tom, because they want me to do things for them that they're too damned idle to do for themselves: whenever I'm there, it's 'Alan, do this!' and 'Alan, do that!' and when I do it, it's never right! And, Tom, they are so bloody boring!”

The poor lad stood there, like some child who has just lost a favorite toy, almost on the verge of tears. “This,” I thought, “is perhaps the moment!” So I reached out and took him in my arms and pulled him to me. Without hesitation, he came readily into my embrace and wrapped his arms around me; and for some moments, I just hugged him. He sighed deeply a couple of times, and momentarily, I thought he was actually crying. Eventually, I held him from me at arm's length and looked into his face. No, he wasn't crying, but to say that he looked miserable is putting it mildly.

Leaning forward, I kissed him quickly and lightly on his forehead. When he didn't pull away, I kissed him full on the lips – and I held the kiss. For a moment, Alan hesitated and then, as I drew him towards me, he surrendered completely and came fully into my embrace and hugged me tightly.

For some time, we stood there, hugging and kissing, and I could feel my penis twitching into life deep down in my pants. (And I wondered if Alan's pert appendage was reacting in the same way!)

At last, we relaxed our hugging and looked at each other. Indicating our still encircling arms, I asked Alan, “Do you like this?” He nodded vigorously. Well, I thought, whether or not this has sexual content for him, I'm not yet sure. One thing I am sure of, remembering his earlier comments about his parents, is that he's a severely affection-starved soul who's never known the joyful security of warm parental caressing.

For a little while longer, I held him close to me, and then I led him though into my lounge. We sat down on the couch and I again took him into my arms and began to kiss him. After perhaps a minute, I felt his tongue slip between my lips – and I KNEW his interest was more than just friendly!

After a little more kissing and caressing, I whispered, “Do you want us to go further than just this?” Yes, he told me, he did, and that he'd wanted it earlier. As I held him, I let my right hand slide slowly down between his thighs (those, oh, so shapely thighs!). As I did so, Alan gasped, “Oh, yes, Tom! Please!” Then he opened his thighs wider.

For a time, I gently rubbed the tight package I could feel there; but suddenly, Alan reached down and unzipped his jeans. Needing no more encouragement, I completed the task he'd begun by unfastening his belt. Within seconds, I had his jeans and briefs round his ankles. That pert uncut penis, just as I'd anticipated, was there hard, rigid and pointed skywards, almost begging me to touch it. I did, and Alan gasped with joy and stretched out his legs. Taking hold of his foreskin, I began to slide it up and down his wet and engorged glans. He groaned with pleasure and began to thrust back and forth into my slowly rubbing hand.

Of course, I was myself no longer flaccid in the penile region, and my dick was screaming for release. “Hang on!” I croaked into Alan's ear. Standing up, I had my sweater, shirt, trousers and pants off and on the floor in seconds. Pulling Alan to his feet, and with his willing co-operation, I had him naked before he could blink twice. I then stretched him out on the couch and, with fingers, lips and tongue, I soon had him gasping and groaning with pleasure.

Suddenly, he reached down and pushed my head away from his throbbing penis. (I was kneeling on the floor beside the couch.) I feared he'd suddenly got cold feet and wanted me to back off, but he immediately said, “Stop for a moment, Tom. I'm getting near to climax and I don't want to blow just yet.” As he lay there, breathing deeply to get control, I asked him if this was the first time he'd ever had sex with another male. He replied, “No, I've had sessions with mates at school, older boys than me. But I've not done it for, well, nearly a year.”

Then, a couple of minutes later, just as I was about to begin on him again, he raised himself on to his elbow and said, “Tom, I want you to lie down on the couch now – it's your turn!” Always happy to oblige, I changed places with him. I could see that he was still rigidly erect and still wet from my ministrations. As soon as I was lying down, he climbed on top of me and straddled my legs. For just a couple of seconds he looked at my penis, hard and throbbing before his eyes, and then, in a trice, he had me deep within his mouth. I gasped as he began – skilfully! - to 'deep throat' me. And believe me, he WAS skilful! Whoever his mates had been at school, they'd most certainly trained him well. He soon had me writhing around. Then moments later, he changed tack and, moving up my body, he began to suck my nipples while, at the same time, rubbing my wet and still throbbing penis with his right hand.

Eventually, he moved right up my body so that he could kiss me; and as he did, he placed his still hard penis against mine. He started to 'hump' me! (Whoever those older mates at school had been, if they alone had been his mentors, they'd certainly done a very good job.) I locked my legs around his, and we worked together like locomotives in tandem, both of us totally engaged in what we were doing to each other. (I remember thinking, even in the midst of all this activity, “Who in hell, would have thought that this degree of sexual pleasure could have resulted from a chance meeting in the badminton club changing room?”)

Soon, I could feel myself hovering on the brink of orgasm and I tried to slow Alan down, but I wasn't quick enough. I heard him gasp loudly and knew he, too, was just about to go over the edge. No matter what I said then, he wasn't going to stop! I abandoned myself, therefore, to his hard and rapid thrusting, and seconds later, he cried out as orgasm flooded his young body. As he dug his fingers into my arms, I knew my moment had come too. I grasped his thrusting buttocks and let orgasm overwhelm me and allowed my semen to flood.

There we were, both grasping the other, and in the throes of orgasm, ejaculating all we'd had between our two sweating and tingling bodies, oblivious to all around us except for the rapture that was then engulfing us.

But of course, all good things, even VERY good things, have to end. Gradually, the ecstasy passed and we were back down to Earth stretched out on my lounge couch. We were hot, breathless, and VERY wet and sticky! For some time, we lay there, still in each other's embrace, regaining our breath and enjoying the after-glow of the wonderful orgasms we'd shared. Then, smiling at each other, we rolled apart and I went across the room to get some tissues. I wiped us both dry. Then I sat beside Alan and, taking him in my arms, I kissed him gently and long. He returned the kiss, totally relaxed in my embrace. After some time of silence, I asked – really for just for something to say! - “Did you suspect this would happened when you came this evening?” No, Alan replied, he hadn't expected it, but was glad it had happened. “So, do you want it to go on happening,” I persisted, “or is this just a 'one night stand'?” Oh, yes, he assured me, he wanted it to go on happening. Seemingly just to prove the point, a couple of hours later, before we dressed and I drove him home - all squabbles with his parents seemingly forgotten – he gladly let me wank him to another worthwhile orgasm; and then he did the same for me.

Alan spent the next couple of weekends with me, and believe me, it DID “go on happening” on those occasion; and for some time afterwards, it went on happening. Recently, though, we've not met so often, and I'm pretty sure he's formed a liaison with one of his work colleagues, someone nearer his own age. I'm happy for him! Over the past few weeks, he's only visited me perhaps three times, though on one of those occasions, he stayed overnight – and that was MOST enjoyable! To be frank, though, I'm expecting him, in the near future, to say he wants to end our relationship. When he does, I'll willingly let him go – and with my blessing! – because I am so grateful for the wonderful time we have had.



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