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Adult Theater Characters

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Years ago I learned that Adult theaters were places where I could go and masturbate either discretely or out in the open with others watching. In one particular city that I visited often I began the regular practice of sitting in the center of the back row and allowing other theater patrons to sit next to me. I enjoyed mutual masturbation sessions in this sexually charged environment and usually had one or two orgasms while bringing at least one or two others to climaxes as well.
After dozens of trips and episodic sessions with a number of men I was approached one day by a slender and older man with grey hair and glasses. He was at least 10 or 15 years my senior but seemed quite interested. As I let him see that I was working my penis gently under my folded coat, he slid his own long and slender penis out of his pants and began to work it toward a full erection. It was amazingly long!
Inevitably we began to touch each other and my customary stroking of his penis began in earnest. But as I played with him, he pulled his pants down further and pressed my hand down toward the base of his penis, rather than allowing me to continue working along the head and shaft. As he did so he lifted one leg onto the seat back of the chair ahead of us and continued pushing my fingers under his penis and toward his anus.
At first I was repelled since I don't like anal play, but after several guiding attempts by him, I noticed that the area just underneath the base of his penis felt quite strange. He gripped his own penis at the base with his hand and guided my fingers further and as he did so he shifted and spread his legs. Suddenly I became aware of the fact that he was pressing my fingers into what felt like a vagina.
'Go ahead,' he whispered, 'play with it!' It seemed that I had found a man with both a penis and a vagina, what I now understand was a hermaphrodite, His penis was in the relative position of a clitoris but he had a fully functioning vagina which was getting wetter and wetter as I dipped my fingers into it.
'What should I do,' I asked?
'Just rub it gently and let me handle my dick,' he answered.
For almost a half hour, I probed and touched his twitching and warm vagina running a finger or two in as far as I could several times and as I touched him he continued a steady pressure on the base of his penis which seemed to grow as we continued. It was very narrow, and he had absolutely no testicles, but his penis must have been at least eight inches in length.
Suddenly his breathing grew rapid and he hunched over moving his fingers nearer to the head of his penis and as I continued the pressure on inside of his vagina he lurched into spasms of orgasms. As he spurt cum he bent down and brought his mouth to the edge of his penis and captured most of what he had pumped out of himself into his mouth. I'm sure that if he had been in a different setting he could have performed auto fellatio and I was shocked by the sight of it since I have never been flexible enough to do any such thing.
When he had collected himself from his orgasm he reached under his penis and gathered lubrication from his vagina that he then spread on the head of my erect penis. Within a few seconds he brought me to a major orgasm also.
Before he left I asked him if he could have vaginal sex with a man and he said that he could but that he didn't because he worried about std's and that the only way for him to achieve an orgasm was by playing with his penis.
I have never seen him since that day, but I often think about his gifts.



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