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Adult Siblings - With My Older Brother

Posted by: Author: Age: 43 Posted on: 13 comments
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This has only happened twice so far. If he wants to do it again, I'm willing!!


I'm 43 years old, recently divorced, and live in Miami, Florida. I have two children who are both in college. I was married 23 years to a decent man, but as time passed, we just both changed. The divorce was final about six months ago, and since that time I've moved to another state to live closer to my family and have more of a support group.

I don't have a job right now and honestly, it has been difficult just to make it from one day to another sometimes. I miss my husband and even though I'm getting better, I still needed to be around people that love me.

I moved in with my brother and his wife. He is three years older than I am (he's 46) and a fun guy. He gets along ok with his wife, but sometimes they fight, as all couples do from time to time I guess.

I've been living with him for about six weeks now and although I don't always get along too well with his wife, he and I have become close friends. About a week ago, my brother Bruce, was working on his car in the back yard. He was lying under the vehicle on a blanket, so he didn't get dirty from the ground. He was wearing a pair of cargo shorts that were very loose and while I was sitting on the lawn chair talking to him I could see right up his shorts. At first I just glanced a little bit, but after a while I looked right at him. His cock was pretty big... bigger than I expected. I wondered how he could not know that he was so exposed. As I sat there and drank my beer I began to giggle and at some point he asked me what was so funny. I told him to not freak out, but I could see his cock and balls while he worked on the car.

He instantly moved his legs so that I couldn't see him any more, but I started laughing so hard and said for him to not worry about it. He acted embarrassed and even laughed a little bit himself.

I guess I was buzzing pretty good from the beer, and I told him I was surprised that he was so big down there. Don't get me wrong... it wasn't huge or anything, but it was pretty thick and hung low. So I was feeling kinda horny and brave and told him that it had been a long time since I had seen a real cock and it just made me laugh and take notice.

Bruce continued to work on the car and giggled a little bit, but I could see that he was getting hard in his shorts while I talked about it.

Anyway, later that night I told him in the kitchen that I was sorry I teased him. He said it was ok, and next time he would be sure to cover himself better. I told him not to worry.

A few days later I was talking to him on the porch and our conversation turned to when I saw his cock hanging through the leg of his shorts. I asked him if he told anyone about it. He said no way, and that his wife would think he was creepy if she knew that he had flashed me, even if it was by accident.

I reminded him that I had seen his cock many times when we were very little, and that it was the same cock now as it was then... only bigger. His cock began to grow while we talked and I was getting the feeling that he was enjoying talking about his cock.

As we drank and sat there for a while I began to get a little horny. I asked him if I could see it one more time. I kept glancing at it and he mentioned it, asking why I kept looking at it.

I just said, 'I don't know... I'm just curious to see it... you know, not like I did the other day, but all of it.'

His cock was really bulging out of his shorts and he was kinda nervous I could tell. At first he said no way, but after another half an hour or so sitting in the dark he said ok.

We went to my little room in the back of the house and he pulled his shorts down so I could look at him. He wanted to pull his shorts up again after only 30 seconds or so, but I said no... I wanted to see it closer. He was breathing hard and I was really horny.

I was sitting in a chair and he moved close to me and I reached out and grabbed his cock and began to stroke it up and down with my right hand while I held his balls with my left hand. I loved the way it felt in my hands and I was really turned on thinking that I was capable of something so naughty and sexy. I had never done anything like that before, but I loved it.

He reached down and began to lightly pinch and play with my nipple and I was talking to him, asking him things like, 'how does that feel?' and 'are you ok?'

It wasn't long before he needed to cum and I could feel his cock get really big and start to grow and jerk. I just let him cum on my shirt and neck. I was so horny to be able to do that for my brother!

After it was over I asked him if he was ok, and I told him thanks. He said, 'no.. thank you!', and we both laughed a little bit.

I had his cum all over my shirt, so I stood up and took my shirt off while he stayed there in the room and buckled his pants. I put on a t-shirt sleeper and then gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

Two days later (yesterday), I jacked him off again while his wife went grocery shopping. OMG I feel so naughty, but at the same time it feels ok. He hasn't touched me or anything yet, but I can tell he wants to. Maybe I'll let him! Thanks for reading my story.



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